Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Don't Play It Safe--Grow Your Small Business, Find Your Dream Job & More!

Playing it Safe?

The time to play it safe has passed.

Go out of your comfort zone and find a whole new world of opportunities!!
Here are two people who did that and who made a big difference for me and others. 

One is David Finkel. He’s the founder of Maui Mastermind and my business partner.  He wrote a great book called Build a Business, Not a Job! and he is offering it for free to anyone who wants an e-copy. Claim your free book at www.mauimastermind.com.Tell them Patty sent you, please!      

Here’s a great recorded interview with a former client of mine,  NEW college grad Logan Frye  (listen to his audio interview on this blog): Logan's Job Hunt Story - short audio        

I was Logan’s Career Coach and now I am a coach to business owners who wish to plan their growth and their business exit strategies. Logan Frye used a combination of Social Media  (Linked In, Facebook, Monster, Indeed.com) and plenty of other online resources to find his dream job in his dream city of Manhattan, New York. He took a leap of faith and moved from Michigan where the new college grad blended his elbow grease with shoe leather and knocked on plenty of doors.  

You, too, can find your dream job by first deciding what the qualities of the job or the people you will work with are. Once you decide what's more important to you, you can begin to follow up leads and tell friends and interviewers what you prefer.   Most of the people who agree to see you for informational interviews want to help people who are eager to help themselves and who pay it forward.

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