Monday, November 24, 2008

Work Life Coach Shares Tips for Success

10 Tips for Career SuccessBy Alvah Parker
1. Find ways to learn continuously.
2. Find ways to improve whatever you do. Be willing to incorporate the new ideas that you learn in #1.
3. Do your work completely and with pride.
4. Be true to your own values.
5. Clear up those irritations (energy drains) so that you can devote your energy to your work.
6. Practice self-care so that you feel good about yourself.
7. Keep work in perspective so that you have time for other parts of your life (family, friends, hobbies, volunteer work).
8. Listen carefully to everyone. Managers need to walk around and talk to employees and customers.
9. Network within your company and outside.
10. Delegate tasks when appropriate and empower those doing the work to do it their own way.

Alvah Parker is publisher of Road to Success and Parker's Points, e-newsletters providing strategies to advance your business and career goals. Alvah is a Work/life coach, who can be reached at

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dr. Adele Scheele on Fantasy Jobs

Getting laid off can be a great opportunity to pursue your fantasy career. But before you dive in to that acting class, cooking school, or graduate program in medieval literature, you need to do some soul-searching and some practical research too. Take a hard look at why you want this fantasy career, what it will take to attain it, and how you will feel once you have it.
Remember that finding a challenging job or career requires drive, time, and perseverance. The following are some avenues to explore (simultaneously) BEFORE you make your choice:

Get an internship in that field – a perch to watch what other people do, and to make some friends who might mentor you “mailroom syndrome.”

Ask alumni association for the names of people from your school who are in the field of your interest. Contact them, and mine them for information.

Research companies where you might want to work and ask anyone you know if they know anyone who works there.

Before you embark on a new career, you must get as much information as possible. You want to avoid investing in a career that turns out to be something other than what you expected or fantasized about. After your exploratory research, if you conclude that your fantasy career is a realistic career for you, all of the research you have done will make you move up faster.

This is from's website this week. DeDominic & Associates is proud to announce a collaboration with Dr. Scheele. If you would like to work with her on your own career transitions, please contact us at

Monday, November 10, 2008

Advice from a Pro Manager on lay offs

This is valuable advice from Armando Estrada

Losing ones' job through company shut down, down sizing, re-location, etc. can be one of life's most horrible nightmares. But it doesn't have to be a nightmare even though it is one of life's most unpleasant episodes. I've been through this episode 5 times. Here's my advice to those who are experiencing a job loss:

Before embarking on a job search plan of action there are several items to be considered immediately upon losing your job: are you getting a severance package?: will your benefits be continued with the severance package?: is your employer providing any assistance in resume writing, placement services, job loss counseling and guidance in applying for State Unemployment or Disability benefits? This is vital for you to know before doing anything.

After losing your job you are going to be going through a dark period of depression, worry, anger, self doubt and lack of confidence even though what has just occurred was not your fault in any way shape or form. So before starting a job search you have got to get all of the aforementioned negatives out of your system. You really need a positive mentor to help you and guide you past this before proceeding to finding the job paths that are there for you. Believe me there are always job paths, career paths open but in a depressed state of mind you won't even see them.

In finding not just a job but the "right Job", you have to break away from what everybody else is doing. No one knows you better than yourself, therefore no one can market or sell you to an employer better than yourself. You are going to hear from the "recruiting experts" that you must prepare a resume that has all the "key words", proper set up and lay out, etc. Well let me tell you that you will hear all kinds of different advice from the "recruiting experts". There are several major problems, 1.) The recruiters can not hire you. 2.) Employers need the best possible "workers", not the best resume writers.

Before writing your resume thoroughly complete an employment application form. The employment application form contains everything that you must provide to an employer before being considered to be hired. It will also greatly assist you in writing your resume. Besides marketing your resume through Monster, Career Builders, Cal Jobs, etc. You have to be creative and do what the other job seekers are not doing and that is to go directly to the employers. Doing this implements networking and other strategic actions that unfortunately I haven't written yet.

The key elements in finding another job is first - not to forget how you got the job you have now - do it again! Also utilize every job finding resource available to you, I.e., One Stop Centers, Cal Jobs, Recruiters, Friends, Family, Your present employers assistance, etc.

Most importantly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Do not ever give up because you will never lose if you don't give up.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Tough Times call for "A Beginners Mind" Attitude

A Confident New Beginning

These challenging times are a great opportunity for us to develop our ‘beginner’s mind.’ By removing preconceptions of how things should be we open to new possibilities. A beginner’s mind attitude combined with the confidence that comes from a focus on actions and results will multiply your results.

In Leadership,

Phil Johnson, Ph.D. Authentic Leadership™

Networking in Job Hunting

I was recently asked how best to enter a new career field. There are many aspects of career change that need your attention including education and learning about the culture and norms of that industry. An important part of accelerated learning is to NETWORK!

Please begin networking in your new field as if you have already entered it to get the most out of a growing circle of mentors and friends in the profession. Changing jobs and particularly changing industries take work. It can be a full time job, so expect to put your effort into learning new skills, meeting new people and doing your home work.

Our best advice is to network like you are already in the field!


What if you don't know "who" to begin to network with?
Try working temp to break in......
Many people have entered their dream jobs by working first for a temp service which has a contract with the Target company.

Please read industry publications and know that going to conferences will help you meet people who are serious professionals in the field you Target. Try to quickly bring yourself up to speed with the culture and norms to better understand the potential fit for you. Not everyone will love the new culture in a changing field. There might be good reason you have always worked in the not for profit or educational sectors! If I had a dime for every unhappy lawyer or Wall Street type... hey!

Doing your home work takes time but good news, you can do much of this from home, On-Line and by reading periodicals from the news racks.

One great way to enter your target field is to get a "trial" job by signing up with a Temp Service. Try to register with the ones which specialize in your field. Of course I recommend you try one of the 250++ offices of but there are many temp services for management, for newer grads, for US Veterans and others who wish to "try before you buy" a career niche. Let your interviewer know that you wish shorter term opportunities to maximize your department and various company exposures. Enjoy making new friends and look for ways to learn more about the company at trade shows, seminars and by connecting with pros already successful in your target field.

In California, almost everyone uses Craig’s list for job postings….
So Blogs, Job boards, The newspaper, magazines and Monster are good bets.

Another way people get job offers is by volunteering in their chosen passion!

VOLUNTEER! it will build your contacts and experience. Many people volunteer for the causes they love and they appreciate enthusiastic "co conspiritors". Many, who want to break into the entertainment field might do well volunteering for the Motion Picture Museum, The Rock Hall of Fame and other locations and charities the pros have supported over the years. AidsWalk, Walk for the Cure,the at Cedars Hospital in LA have annual benefits which are supported by many celebrities and leading film industry and business execs. Really thinking of becoming a nurse? Try baby cuddling at Children's Hospital! Let your light shine doing things you can become passionate about and you may never "work" a day at your job in your life.... Lets your light shine and be seen by people who can make referrals for you.

Investing your time, doing volunteer work near the pros is a great way to network and get noticed.

Best of luck, and please leave comments here on the blog or at one of the other posts. If you would like to discuss other subjects and need more advice about jobs, please let us know.

Patty DeDominic

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