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Patty DeDominic's best pick for Resume Writing Class


Presenters: Wendy Enelow & Louise Kursmark

Attend live 2-hour webcast on Friday, May 6 or listen to the audio recording at your convenience. Everyone gets unlimited access to the recording so you can listen as many times as you'd like.

Here's a brief program description:

Learning to write great resumes has a lot to do with your ability to think about the resume writing process from a creative perspective. This requires that you think outside the box (the construct of the resume) and allow yourself to write and format creatively. In turn, you're then able to showcase the precise information about your client in the way that best supports his or her current objective. There is a defined process to it all, and nothing you do on any resume should ever be arbitrary.

By mastering the fine points of resume writing, you'll give yourself and your clients an instantly remarkable advantage. Plus, you'll be able to take even greater pride in your resume writing talent, knowing that you are among the best. And, if you're self-employed, you'll have the confidence to charge what you are worth and know that your clients will pay it!

This 2-hour webcast will provide you with new resume writing tools - strategies, content ideas, formats and designs - that you'll be able to use immediately for your clients. In addition, you'll be introduced to new resume formats that we've created over the past few years. The 40+ pages of handouts and resume samples alone are worth the price of admission (only $69)!

For more details and registration:

Hope to "see" you there!

P.S. If you're ready for more than a 2-hour webcast, consider the RWA certification program. The next group class starts May 19; self-paced classes start at your convenience. For more information:

Wendy & Louise

Wendy S. Enelow, CCM, MRW, JCTC, CPRW

Author, Trainer & Career Consultant


Co-Founder & Director - Resume Writing Academy


President - Enelow Enterprises, Inc. (Bookstore)


Executive Director - Career Thought Leaders Consortium


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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Three Most Common (and avoidable) Mistakes Job Hunters Make by Patty DeDominic Santa Barbara based Business Consultant

I have owned placement firms which have helped launch over 250,000 careers.
 During the 20 ++ years I owned and grew PDQCAREERS and CT Engineering we saw many “Kamikaze interviews”… or job hunters who shot themselves in the foot for some of the most
 basic oversights:

1. Failure to proof your cover letter and resume. Typos and misspelling can nuke your chances! We routinely screened out applicants who could not spell or did not have enough sense to take the time to make an application correctly. We found that those who were not careful in the application process were always sloppy later too. We found this error on entry level resumes and those of “executives” and professionals too.

2. Failure to follow up. Ask for the job if you want it and check back in. Interviewers and job screeners are busy people who are often juggling competing demands on their time, attention and multiple job openings. It is valuable to follow up and take responsibility for “be backs” as we found that those people who are proactive, who let the interviewer know that they want the job and who follow up and three times more likely to get good job offers.

3. Failure to prepare yourself for this opportunity. Do research on the employer and prepare your references. There are a few basics that separate desirable employees from those who simply show up. Have you prepared yourself and do you understand why the employer should hire you? If you don’t know the answer to this, you can be sure that the employer could have difficulty figuring it out too. Additionally your references should be prepared that you are looking for work and may get called; keep them informed so that they will be responsive when contacted about you. Skilled interviewers know it is often what is NOT SAID or who doesn’t get back to them on references that is more telling that what IS SAID.

I welcome your comments and questions.      or please post comments here on this blog.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Your On Line Business Image, Opportunities by Patty DeDominic

Mary Schnack and I will be conducting some trainings this summer and we welcome your inquiries.  You will remember that Mary Schnack is an award winning journalist and media coach.  She is also a social entrepreneur and international Trainer in Media relations.     We will be talking about building your brand and media strategies this summer on both coasts.    Please write to me to learn more about details of Brand It seminar in Santa Barbara July 21-23, 2011.  Boost your personal power and search rankings and results.

Aug31 - September 1, 2011   NEVER LET 'EM SEE YOU SWEAT - Media Training by Mary Schnack and Patty DeDominic in San Diego, California at the NAWBO national conference.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Making the Transition to the Non Profit Leadership World? Patty DeDominic, coach to high achievers

Today, many powerful executives are looking for ways to make their life and work more meaningful. Some former CEO's top elected public leaders and other executive level people are turning to the non profit world to find a hungry outlet for their skills and to find ways to leverage their wisdom for good.

Doing your homework to find out what exists is always a good place to start.    Visiting websites today can give you a birdseye view of who needs what and provide more data for your search.   It used to take forever to  get this kind of research, or at least a copy of the New York Times help wanted ads to find so many opportunities.  Today, you can gather information in just a few hours that might have taken you months to gather in years past.
Best Bets for Executive Jobs (mostly executive and senior-level jobs)

A great place to start is the Center for Association Leadership. (see Career Headquarters) Association with over 25,000 individual members who manage leading trade, professional, and philanthropic associations. Represents 10,000 associations.

Here is a listing of other helpful websites for serious leaders in transition: (Same Web site as A premier source for up-to-date information on senior-level nonprofit jobs in trade associations, professional societies, cause-oriented organizations, and foundations.

Council on Foundations A membership organization of grantmaking foundations and giving programs worldwide. Postings for all levels of philanthropic or related nonprofit positions are welcome. Features executive, fundraising, and midlevel job postings in nonprofits, government, health care, and education. A portal for anyone interested in nonprofit careers, volunteering, and internships. The online service of The Nonprofit Times. careers is the online job site of The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Electronic version of a long-established nonprofit job newspaper that started in the San Francisco area.

Other Nonprofit Job Sites (may include executive jobs along with other positions) Resources for development professionals, including a jobs board. A gateway to international development jobs. A free job posting and resume bank for nonprofit employers. A free online employment resource for nonprofits. Jobs with U.S.-based humanitarian and development organizations with positions available in the United States and overseas. Mid- and senior-level positions with nonprofit and for-profit organizations, based all around the world, as well as entry-level and internship positions. Jobs at health and human services organizations. Job and volunteer opportunities. Fee-based job site for nonprofit organizations. Fee-based job site for nonprofit organizations. Fee-based job site for nonprofit organizations.

Regional Sites

• Atlanta:

• California (Northern): Individual job postings cost $80 for a 30-day listing. (Same as

• California (Southern):

• Washington, D.C.: Center for Nonprofit Advancement Web site.

• Maryland: (See “Career Bank” link for jobs in Maryland) Members can post jobs for free.

• New England:

• Philadelphia:

• Texas:

Print Publications

• The Chronicle of Philanthropy:

• The Nonprofit Times:

I sincerely hope this list is helpful and not overwhelming to you.     Good data is always a great place to start your career search.    The more research you do the better prepared you will be when interviewing for executive positions in this complex technology based jobs society we life in.    

If you need help, write for a free consultation.   Sometimes talking with one of our experience career coaches can help you refocus on the best path for your transition.     Here is hoping that you find the most meaningful ways to earn your living... and that if you are a skilled leader you will consider putting your talents to work for the benefit of our growing non profit sector.     Patty DeDominic

Friday, April 8, 2011

Executives ON Interview Ready 24-7 Exec Level Interviews by Patty DeDominic

Patty De gets questions and will attempt to answer those of general interest.  We regret that
we are not able to answer individual posts, however when there are Q & A that will benefit
lots of people we will post those! 

Q: What types of simulation/work assignment/problem-solving interviews (e.g.: in-basket exercises, requests for 30-60-90-day plan for employer) are conducted at the EXECUTIVE level?

Search firms and boards of directors use a variety of methods to evaluate capabilities and listening skills of job candidates. Sometimes the screening starts in the advertisement and job posting level,

Asking for salary history and specific input as the first response.

What is their purpose? How common are they?

Candidates then are screened for initial responsiveness. Some may not put their salary however to

Pass this screen, you do need to respond in some ways and offer to provide relevant info further in the process.

Over the years when I have recruited and placed Chief Executives and other senior officers for corporations and non profits, we have asked for presentations which show how relevant accomplishments line up with the new job requirements. Also professional interviewers (recruiters and HR pros) are also skilled at asking specific questions during the interviews, looking for specific responses as opposed to generalities. For example one might be asked to share specifics of a recent strategic plan, give the list of board members or show non-proprietary reports that the exec worked on.

Is their popularity among
hiring managers increasing?

We have found many more legitimate candidates having lack of stable work history. It seems we are indeed living in a “Gig Nation” and not all qualified professionals have just one professional employer. It becomes increasingly important to have ways to screen out the large numbers of applicants, to be able to have a quality procedure to cull through those who look good on paper. Professional recruiters and search firms almost always use a structured interview process to vet the best… matter what their employment history looks like. And, in today’s world – many executives work patterns look at bit spotty. This was considered a flake in the “olden days” twenty years ago and when I started my employment services firm in 1979, but more commonly today, good people may have had a career that looks more like an ACTORS….. leading roles, and supporting roles, but successful people do have things in common and that usually includes happy fans who want to come back for more.

Q:What do executives need to know to be prepared for these interviews?

It is important to have references and credentials lined up before hand. Not necessary to submit initially but please do understand that through your informal networks and professional organizations your background is being looked at when you are unaware that it is being scrutinized. I recently told one CEO to think of herself as being on display 24/7. There is almost nothing you can say off the record that might not come back to be connected with you.

Q: At what point in the interview process are they conducted? Have any stories of executive success/failure at these types of interviews?

These “tests” go on all the time…. In the informal referral networks, in the friends of friends deciding who to refer and not to refer. References are checked in non linear ways so it is not only who you give as a reference but where else you have worked, how visible you have been and with whom you associate that impacts your reputation and your “halo” or lack thereof.

Patty DeDominic Coach to High Achievers 
Language and Culture Matter.
 I recall one time we were recruiting a CEO for a Chamber of Commerce. This candidate was extremely smart, capable and appeared qualified….however his style was to refer to his (bosses) board of directors as Lay Leaders. This may have worked in his religious professional background but was the wrong cultural message to try to send to a Chamber of Commerce.   Which is filled with servant leaders who mostly see themselves as community leaders and professional community builders – not Lay persons. This language alone, which in my opinion demonstrated that he was unaware of the culture of the industry he was interviewing for, caused the candidate to be dropped out of the process early on.

Patty DeDominic with Cindy Burrell for Boardroom Bound

Wendy Enelow is one of Patty DeDominic's favorite Resume Coaches


 (2-hour webcast on Friday, May 6, 2011)

 Back by popular demand are our resume e-summits!
This e-summit showcases a portfolio of expert resume writing strategies, formats, concepts, and techniques that we've used in recent years to market our clients - young grads, mid-career professionals, senior executives, and everyone in between. The handouts and resume samples alone are worth the price of admission (only $69)!

For details and registration:

* ENTREPRENEURIAL ELEGANCE (4-session program in June 2011)
 We invite you to join us as we launch this new entrepreneurial program, as rich and deep in content and resources as our exclusive $100,000+ Entrepreneurial Roundtable, but with no travel required. Instead, join us for 2 hours each Monday in June and make more money by each Friday! Classes include: Marketing & Business Development; Pricing, Packaging & Profitability; Sales & Customer Relationship Management; and Business Management & Confidence Building.

Be sure to register soon before the program fills!

For details and registration:

For Career Coaches!

 (next class starts Thursday, May 19, 2011) In addition to the class lectures, Q&A, and 500+ pages of resources, sample resumes and cover letters, handouts, e-books, and more, the greatest value of the RWA Certification Program is the one-on-one homework review. Each of your 10 writing projects and other assignments are individually graded so that you get direct feedback every time - on new projects and on rewrites. Once you've graduated and earned your ACRW, you can then participate in publishing, subcontract writing, and other professional opportunities available exclusively to ACRWs.

For details and registration:

We hope you'll be able to join us for one or more of the programs, and guarantee that each will make a positive and lasting impact on your professional success!

Wendy Enelow & Louise Kursmark

Wendy S. Enelow, CCM, MRW, JCTC, CPRW

Author, Trainer & Career Consultant


Co-Founder & Director - Resume Writing Academy


President - Enelow Enterprises, Inc. (Bookstore)


Executive Director - Career Thought Leaders Consortium


2265 Walker Road, Coleman Falls, VA 24536

Phone: 434.299.5600

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