Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Job and Career Questions?

Please post your job and career questions and comments. I want to hear from you!

What's happening at your place of work? ... Who is helping you? ... What are your thoughts about getting your next promotion or raise?

Come on and give us your ideas.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Digital Hollywood Building Blocks Conference, San Jose

Just back from a fab conference in San Jose, Jointly Produced by Digital Hollywood, Inc. and the CEA Consumer Electronics Association

LOVE to hear your thoughts about how technology & social networks have changed YOUR place of business and career.

Please read on then give us your thoughts:

Some of the dynamic and exciting panel discussions included

The Platforms that Tranform the Industry

Investment & Change: Media, Entertainment & Technology

The New Hollywood – Silicon Valley Investment Equation – Content Owners, New Platforms, VCs, Agents & Commerce

Three Days of energetic sessions in a great Open Dialog, active audience participation format!

Hold on to your hats, the talent that is focusing on business in the Cloud and in bringing Silicon Valley and Hollywood together, what the new media mogels call Siliwood, is smokin!

Many of the speakers and attendees seemed out of college less than ten years and they're holding the Keys to the Kingdom of their careers and possibly YOUR next job. These New media professional career commandos are not dependent on jobs or their corporation for their identity. They're busy building their own Brand with their work, their Facebook pages and Linked In networks and with their ferocious dedication to their current teams projects.

They Text, Twitter, widget and gadget seemingly 24-7. Silicon Valley, the place where someone managing a $3 billion venture fund is "just getting started"!


Look out slow pokes, get yourself back in school and go make some Freshman friends to stay up to date on the latest in Social Networks, staying in touch and the coolest toys and business tools.

Illustrious executives and speakers included:

Alex Barkaloff, Executive Producer, Digital Media, LIONSGATE
Derek Norton, founder and Managing Partner, Watertower Group
Heather Gates-Massoudi, Director, Deloitte Services LP
Buno Pati, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sezmi
Jessica Algazi, Senior Vice President, HighView Media
Mark J. Kapczynski, Chief Operating Officer, Kontrol Media, Moderator

The Mobile 2.0 - Personalized Consumer Platform
The Mobile Platform 2.0: Establishing the Personalized Video, Music, and Communications Experience

Elgin Kim, Head of Business Development, West, Nokia Interactive Advertising
Shawn Molodow, Director Business Development, Content & Internet Services, Xohm, WiMAX from Sprint
Jeff Finkelstein, Senior Manager, Multimedia, Palm, Inc.
Greg Woock, co-founder and CEO, Pinger
Michael Dimelow, Director of Marketing, Media Processing Division, ARM
John Fogarty, Vice President of Mobile, Napster
Ted Cohen, Managing Partner, TAG Strategic, Moderator

The Television - Hollywood 2.0 – Platforms and Content
Television without Boundaries: Cable, Telco, Satellite, Broadband & Mobile Define the Future of Entertainment and Communications

John Penney, Head of Global Strategy, IMG Global Media
Sean Atkins, SVP, Digital Media, HBO
Stuart McKechnie, Director Strategic Marketing, Zoran
Peter Hoskins, CEO, maniaTV
Michael Kernan, Chief Executive Officer, NuMedia Studios (former executive ICM)
Mitch Oscar, EVP Televisual Applications, MPG
Shahid Khan, Partner, Interactive Broadband Consulting, LLC, Moderator

Embracing the Personalized Consumer - Entertainment, Technology and Commerce – Making the Transition to the AlwaysOn Home

Great Conference, Thanks Consumer Electronics and Digital Hollywood for a great conference and tons of new Linked in friends!