Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tips on Getting a Raise by Patty DeDominic, Coach to High Achievers

Few quick tips on Getting the raise in this tough economy:

1. Prepare yourself and be ready to make your “business case” not your hardship case. Sadly, no one

Is going to be able to pay you more just because your needs are greater, the price of gas is still through the roof or your relatives need an operation. There are over ten million Americans in that latter boat now…unemployed or severely underemployed and those reasons while being valid are not sufficient to get YOUR PAY and Respect levels raised.

2. Make an Appointment with your boss to discuss “business opportunities”. Try not to be coy, but don’t tell that you want a pay raise just yet.

Let your boss know that you would like to talk about “our best opportunities” for creating more revenue or cutting costs as well as get some input on his or her perception of your performance. After you get the lay of the land with regard to their perception of your contributions and your “report card” you will be in a better position to ask for a salary adjustment. Note, I said Adjustment, not a raise.

3. At the 2nd or third meeting with your boss on the subjects suggested above, bring up your perspective (without going on the offensive or being on the defensive) about your Contributions to the value of the business or department.

4. Remember that getting a raise in 2010 and beyond is going to be more about “making contributions” and sharing in some of those opportunities than it is a cost of living increase or straight pay raise. Many salaries have been frozen in place for several years now and thousands of businesses have been able to hire new employees as 65-79% of the former starting salaries – so getting paid “like yesterday” is a thing of the past – for now. Unfortunately it is no longer about how many hours you work…. Or how hard the work is, it is about your contributions to the margin….aka the profits or the reduction of expenses. Employers in 2010 can only afford to pay for progress and contribution and no longer pay for loyalty or longevity.

5. After you have made a good case for the value of your contributions, ask for a PAY Adjustment to better reflect the contributions you are making and the results (you and your boss agree on) that have come due to your effectiveness and experience in your role. Chances are your boss has their “we are out of money” speech well practiced and they know how to put off an unprepared employee from asking for a raise….. but most supervisors, CEOs and executives know that it costs money to make money and INVESTMENTS is the people who really drive the revenue and the margins and costs for the business can pay off handsomely.

6. Don’t threaten to quit….but educate yourself and become aware of what the competition would be willing to pay for your talents and time. . If you know what the competition is and how you fit in to the bigger picture you automatically increase your value and your chances of getting the right kind of attention from your boss. You may not get your raise the first time you try this approach but you will eventually get better at it and you are likely to find yourself in the position of either getting more paid time off, increased responsibilities or opportunities and eventually a big pay increase If you cannot get the right pay raises where you are, it might pay off to do a little job shopping!

Following these tips will enable you to make a strong case for increased pay. You will also make progress in understanding your own employer and their perspectives and opinion of your contributions. Awareness and knowledge is valuable…… YOU can turn Value into a bigger paycheck for yourself.

Patty DeDominic

DeDominic & Associates Coaches to High Achievers

Patty De is past president of the National Association of Women Business Owners and the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce. Here firm was a national award winning staffing partner to such corporate giants as AT&T, USC, Children’s Hospitals, The American Red Cross, entrepreneurial businesses and governments. Patty participated in advanced training on negotiations at Harvard University and got her Institutional Shareholders (ISS) Certification from UC Berkeley in 2008.

In 2006, the Los Angeles Business journal named DeDominic CEO of the Year at it’s annual Women Making A Difference Awards Luncheon

Friday, April 2, 2010

See Jane in Your Town! | the Jane Goodall Institute

See Jane Goodall in Your Town! the Jane Goodall Institute

Click on the link above to go the JGI.

 Many of my readers know that I enjoy working with top professionals in their fields.  I have been fortunate over my 30 year career to work with some of the world's leading subject matter experts.  Watching a pro in action and helping them achieve are two of my favorite things to do!
I enjoyed serving on Jane Goodall Institute board of directors for six years. Gene and I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Africa with Jane and other important environmental leaders.  Seeing Dr. Jane Goodall in her element was an incredible experience.   It was certainly enough to keep me motivated to help her raise money and grow her institute multifold over the next few years.  

When we were in Africa, we stayed in the workers camp, ate at Jane's home at Gombe National Park
and sat with her on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.  One day we went out to view the chimpanzees  and got the show of our lives as the chimps walked among us, just a few feet away.    We noticed that the animals
seemed to know "Jane was in town" as they magically appeared from the dark reaches of the jungle and
called to each other...and seemingly to her.       It was an awesome experience and if you have not yet
met Jane Goodall I really encourage you to go to one of her lectures soon.     

When we were at Gombe National Park, we climbed to the top of "Jane's Peak" (she was in better shape than all of us!). This is the 50th anniversary of Jane's groundbreaking research and passion for Gombe. It is also her birthday month.... and in her mid 70's she is still climbing around the peaks of Africa and traveling the world hundreds of days each year.    She is truly an amazing woman and one who has devoted her life to making the world a better place.  

I encourage you to support Roots & Shoots the global youth program now reaching young
people in over 80 countries and to help support the vision of a better world.

Patty DeDominic  
Helping Achievers Soar

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Recent Bureau of Labor studies have shown that our nations unempoyment rate is still about 10%  and fewer than 20 %  of American workers have savings for retirement of over $50,000.  According to recent BLS reports, the percentage job decrease for the Nation as whole was 5.3 percent over the same period (September 2008 to September 2009).

The largest decline in employment levels occurred in Los Angeles, Calif. (‑278,000), followed by the counties of Maricopa, Ariz. (‑155,000), Cook, Ill. (‑140,100), Orange, Calif. (‑126,400), and New York, N.Y. (‑125,100). Combined employment losses in these five counties over the year totaled 824,600 or 11.6 percent of the employment decline for the entire United States.

Employment declined in 329 of the 334 largest U.S. counties from September 2008 to September 2009.

The BLS Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages program produced these data, which are preliminary and subject to revision. Data presented here are for all workers covered by State and Federal unemployment insurance programs. The largest counties are those with employment levels of 75,000 or more. To learn more, see "County Employment and Wages: Third Quarter 2009" (PDF) (HTML), news release 10-0393.

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