Friday, November 15, 2013

HELP Wanted: GENERAL MANAGER (full-time) Mosquito and Vector Management District, Santa Barbara county.

HELP Wanted:

GENERAL MANAGER (full-time)   Mosquito and Vector Management District, Santa Barbara county.  

WAGE RANGE: $75,000-$100,000, depending on experience

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Open until December 10th, or until filled.
Obtain application and apply at: Mosquito and Vector Management District, 2450 Lillie Ave., Summerland, CA 93067. Completed applications may be mailed to Mosquito and Vector Management District, P.O. Box 1389, Summerland, CA. 93067.

THE POSITION: The Mosquito and Vector Management District of Santa Barbara County is seeking applicants for the position of General Manager. Under policy direction of the Board of Trustees, the General Manager acts as executive officer of the District; he/she plans, organizes and directs operations of the District; represents the District and the Board of Trustees in its relations with the community, other public and private entities, the media, and the public; manages a wide variety of complex managerial and technical vector ecology functions and programs.

For additional information, see the District website at, e-mail the General Manager at, or contact the District at (805) 969-5050, ext. 222

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Are You Hiring Super Stars for Your Company?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone and Make a Difference for Yourself and Others


I originally posted this at the end of 2012; however, I wanted to re-post it because although we are already halfway through 2013, the message still applies. And it will ALWAYS apply!

Playing it Safe?

The time to play it safe is past....

Today I want to acknowledge three people who are going way out of their comfort zones all the time and who made a big difference for me and others. 

 One is a client, Logan Frye  (listen to his audio interview on this blog): 
Logan's Job Hunt Story - short audio        

The other two are great public figures: Jack Canfield, a well-known Santa Barbarian, author, and inspiration to millions; and career advisor Mildred Culp.     
Your community might be on line or blended as with most of us. Now is the time to get out of your comfort zone and give back in ways greater and more effectively than ever before. YOU will be the big time winner here.

You will grow your skills and your network.

Better Skills + Stronger Network =   Greater Net worth

Logan Frye used a combination of Social Media  (Linked In, Facebook, Monster, and plenty of other on line resources to find his dream job in his dream city of Manhattan, New York.    He took a leap of faith and moved from Michigan where the new college grad blended his elbow grease with shoe leather and knocked on plenty of doors.  

You, too, can find your dream job by first deciding what the qualities of the job or the people you will work with are. Once you decide what's more important to you, you can begin to follow up leads and tell friends and interviewers what you prefer.   Most of the people who agree to see you for informational interviews want to help people who are eager to help themselves and who pay it forward.

Like Jack Canfield says repeatedly in his good books "Key to Living",  "Life Lessons", or the "Chicken Soup" series,

"Don't worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try."

"Most everything you want it out there waiting for you to ask.  Everything you want it just outside your comfort zone."

“There are essentially two things that will make you wise -- the books you read and the people you meet.” 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Which Social Media Should You Use to Grow Your Company? Get Some Ideas From

Check out this second infographic from that analyzes the breadth of social media today, as well as which ones are the most popular!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Learn the Secrets to Effectively and Fairly Rewarding Your Employees!

Employee Rewards: How to Fairly and Effectively Drive Engagement and Loyalty

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time

An Interactive Webinar With Practical Compliance Strategies
Organizations face numerous challenges when deciding how to best reward employees. You must balance the often-competing forces of market competitiveness, affordability, performance, and fairness.
Perceived fairness, or the lack thereof, is often at the root of why employees leave organizations. The idea of fairness also determines if an employee will make an extra effort to reach organizational goals or even the objectives of her own job.
For these reasons, it's vital for organizations to ensure that their reward programs are rooted in principles of fairness to motivate employees from different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures.
Don't miss our eye-opening webinar on June 4, when you'll learn:

  • How employee demographics, organization culture, and geographic location are related to employee perceptions of reward fairness
  • How pay strategies, programs, and policies can be used to enhance employee perceptions of reward fairness
  • Whether pay differences enhance or erode pay fairness and employee engagement
  • The business impacts that perceptions of pay fairness have on organizations
  • How reward fairness should be handled in the design of reward strategies, policies, and programs
  • Common pitfalls to avoid when the importance of reward fairness is underestimated -- or overlooked altogether
  • And much more!
In just 90 minutes, you'll learn the key role that fairness plays in your reward program -- and how to use it to your advantage. Register now for this informative event risk free.
This program has been approved for 1.5 recertification credit hours toward PHR and SPHR recertification through the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). For more information about certification or recertification, please visit the HRCI homepage at The use of this seal is not an endorsement by HRCI of the quality of the program. It means that this program has met HRCI's criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit.
Register NowOrder Recorded Version
Or call 1-800-7-ASK-BLR (1-800-727-5257) and mention webinar code: S08243

Your Speakers

Cheryl Mikuls is vice president in the Kansas City office of Hay Group. She serves as a senior consultant and a member of management for the Midwest Region. She also serves as client relationship manager for several clients and manages projects involving the design, development, and implementation of innovative reward programs. As the senior leader in the organization, Ms. Mikuls serves as a key business developer and mentor within the organization to ensure quality deliverables of the consulting teams and growth and development of consultants within the practice. Additionally her expertise in the area of work measurement is vital to the continued education of consultants and clients in this core practice.
Amanda Wethington is a senior associate in the Chicago office of Hay Group. Her focus is on work measurement, reward programs, and sales incentives. She is also experience in broad-based compensation design and alignment, variable pay program design and providing analysis to deliver insights between organization strategy and compensation philosophy.

Webinar Benefits

Unlimited listeners per phone line!
Invite your colleagues to join you around a speakerphone and computer to share the benefits of this information-packed webinar. Your cost per listener drops drastically with each additional listener.
How Do Webinars Work?
A webinar is remarkably cost-effective and convenient. You participate from your office, using a regular telephone and a computer with an Internet connection. You have no travel costs and no out-of-office time.
Plus, for one low price, you can get as many people in your office to participate as you can fit around a speakerphone and a computer screen.
Because the conference is live, you can ask the speakers questions - either on the phone or via the webinar interface.
You will receive access instructions via e-mail three days before the event and the morning of the event. Your conference materials will be included in these emails for you to view, print, and download prior to the event. They are also available on the webinar interface when you log in.
If you are ordering online the morning of the webinar please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-727-5257 to be sure to get your access instructions and handout materials.
Why You Can Sign Up with Confidence to Attend
With Business & Legal Resources webinars, you're completely protected. If you are not completely satisfied after attending a BLR event, let us know, and we will refund 100% of your registration fee - no questions asked.

Click here to sign up for the webinar today!

How to Discuss Being Fired from Your Last Job and STILL Look Like a Star Candidate - by Mary Elizabeth Bradford

Check out this great blog post by "career artisan" Mary Elizabeth Bradford!

      People get fired for lots of reasons. Some are legitimate, based on performance issues, and some are completely unjustified. Regardless of the reason for being let go, there are solid methods for communicating the circumstances without hurting your candidacy with potential future employers.
      In fact, many of my clients who were previously "let go" went on to land better positions with a sizable increase in total compensation. One of my clients secured a whopping $60,000 in additional salary after being fired as a result of getting caught in between some ugly corporate politics.
        The following are three solid steps you can take to have successful interviews after being fired.

       Step #1 – Give yourself time to decompress.
      This is the most important step you can take. If you have lost your job, you will most likely go through a grieving process similar to other significant life losses we all experience. If you interview prematurely, you may inadvertently "wear your grief" and/or find yourself unable to talk about your last employer with the kind of convincing detachment and discretion you will need to keep interviewers focused and excited about the value you offer them.
     What if you need to begin to interviewing right away? To speed up your "grieving process" while still honoring that time cycle, take a ceremonial weekend vacation, book a round of golf, take a spa day, or a family picnic by the lake. Whatever you decide, make sure it's fun and relaxing, because this is your decompression time... just for yourself! Title your outing: "Your Ceremonial Moving On." This is a physical process that evokes very real physical and mental benefits.
         I have seen this "moving on ceremony" work wonders with my clients and I promise it will work for you too. In fact, I have used it myself. When I left my last employer, my husband threw me a congratulatory dinner and I bought myself a big decadent slice of carrot cake, stuck and candle in it, and we spent the evening talking about the future. It was wonderful!
         Step #2 - Identify your allies.
      You want to contact any and all allies you have and had with your last company. These can include past colleagues, people that worked for you, key executives, clients and vendors - anyone that can attest to your strengths, your attributes and anything positive. If applicable, individuals who can diplomatically hint that there were problems beyond your control with your last company can be especially helpful. Remember, references can be provided by lots of other people besides your past "boss."
        You will want to gather as many WRITTEN references associated with this position as possible. If you are in my job search coaching program (, you can listen to my audio coaching call on how to get and use jaw-dropping references. This call goes step by step through how to ask for these references, whom to ask and exactly how to use them once you have them (you'll find that the payoff for you is nothing short of amazing!).
         Focus on short, written quotes and if you are on LinkedIn (you should be) you can ask for endorsements and then use them. Not only does this enhance your LinkedIn profile, but re-purposes it as part of a reference page you put together for your "marketing collateral."
         Step #3 – Prescript a BRIEF, but clear, statement.
         Develop a brief statement about the reason you were fired and practice saying it. You can use it in your upcoming interviews. Keep it short, simple and clear. Here is an example: Click here to continue reading this article...
          Inspiring your success,
Mary Elizabeth

For more information from Mary Elizabeth, visit her website at

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Show Off YOUR Unique Blueprint!

Some words of wisdom from Hillary, the 'Angel of Fire' at -- 
I'm taking a bold step today to say... 

If you are trying to use someone else's exact blueprint for 
your life as a "one size fits all" concept -- PLEASE STOP! 

One size fitting all or even most when it comes to pretty 
much anything never really works. 

It just creates more suffering and holds you back from 
shining your own light. 

In my new blog post, I show where this goes wrong. 

Modeling Someone Else's Plan for Your Life Could Complicate Things

Here's why: The main problem with blanketed advice is that 
it's made to help the masses.  What works for one person may
not work for you as a blueprint for your life.  

Curious to know... 

How do you feel about following someone else's blueprint for
your life? Has it worked? Not worked? 

Did you find one step that put it all together for you? 

Take Advantage of Valuable Resume Training, Coach Training, Entrepreneurial Training at the CTL Virtual Conference


The CTL Virtual Conference is a remarkably valuable educational experience for 5 distinct reasons:

1.       It's all online ... the entire 3 days of the conference. You can watch the entire conference on video – the presentations, the live Q&A with each speaker, and the text chat stream during each presentation. And, because it's recorded, you can watch as many times as you want between now and June 30, 2013, when the conference will close. Attending virtual conferences is great because you attend from the comfort of your own office! No travel, no hotel ... it makes the entire conference experience much easier and much more affordable.

2.       You can register (and pay for) only the programs you want – Resume Day or Coaching Day or Entrepreneurial Day or any combination of days. Register for what interests you the most.

3.       The quality of the speakers and presentations is outstanding. Whether I'm sharing my 10-step process for new product development, Stephen Van Vreede is telling us about the intricacies of writing technology resumes, or Carol Vecchio is discussing career discovery and renewal methodologies, the entire experience is rewarding.

4.       You'll find 2 Exhibit Halls with companies waiting to do business with career professionals – coaches, counselors, resume writers, outplacement consultants, college and university career development professionals, military transition specialists, and others. Visit the Exhibit Halls and see what you find, learn, and benefit from.

5.       Most notably, we've pushed the career industry to a new level. As the Career Thought Leaders Consortium - a think tank for the now, the new, and the next in careers - we also wanted to be the leaders in virtual conferencing within our industry. We experienced a few technical "hiccups," but we blazed the trail and that is very exciting! Don't you want to be a part of that? 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Flex Your Network, It's a CONTACT SPORT! by Patty DeDominic, Coach


How are you tending YOUR Networks?

Are You making deposits into the Favor Bank?

Do you understand Reciprocity?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hire Smart: Know How to Identify Good Employee Imposters!

Hiring Great Sales People and Learning How to Smoke Out Impostors and Those Who Will Give You Great Excuses and Mediocre Results (Except for when they make the big sale and get you to hire them….THEY got the result THEY wanted).

Find Those Who Have a Track Record of Success in a Variety of Situations.
You can frequently plot their trajectory!  

You don’t really want to end up with just a “great interviewer. Your next great hire requires you to be a savvier buyer.”   By Patty DeDominic – Coach to Leaders


Why do some people have such trouble hiring Real Sales Producers?
Most sales candidates are great at interviewing ... but lack what it takes to handle your job with its imperfections. Some skip from sales job to job by being great interviewers, but not necessarily great performers. You don’t want to do that with your hires….You want to find those who will take your raw materials and leverage your strongest points as an employer.

Find and Hire the ones who can sustain their performance, not just “close” you!  

We want to hunt for the evidence and the track record, to find the “Blue Ribbons” in their lives and careers, the actual accomplishments. 

Let me say that again… a track record (different than simply experience, potential or representations) gives us data to find the best person for our situation. 

The right sales hire will most likely find our sales opportunity a continuation of a life of accomplishment.  This learning and growing probably started in school – having learned from life’s lessons, other people and in their previous professional experiences (jobs, business and extracurricular).  A little searching can help you find their gold, bronze and silver medals. It is not usually a deep dig to find evidence of  their experiences, setbacks, lessons learned and real numbers. Get specifics. Yes, Trust, but Verify specifics and look for answers to the potential contradictions between their perception and reality. We all have those contradictions. I’m not trying to help you hire perfection here; that does not exist, but I do want you to be able to predict performance and manage "superstar mere mortals" to catalyze sales growth for your company.     

Portrait of an Impostor
·         They’re usually good people ... and they aren’t really lying to you….. 
·         They may tell you what they know, and most people can recite common sense. They can usually answer hypothetical questions. Most people “know” the right things…. But getting to what they will actually do when faced with our job realities, our prospects, concerns, and real objections and challenges is a whole other story. Their past tells much of the story of their future. To smoke out impostors, get specific: Get numbers, not just percentages, and verify results and the roles they played.

Some sales candidates are accomplished at Getting the Job…they know they are talking to a willing buyer, and they leverage their persuasive powers to make the sale with you. Sadly, sometimes it’s the best (and the last) sale they will make this year.   

Are they lying? They don’t usually think so. They may actually believe their intelligence and work ethic alone qualify them for the job... even when they lack specific experience.

How Impostors “Sell’ Us
·         Urgency makes you feel you must find a candidate – ANY candidate! – to fill the job right now.
·         Impatience and frustration can rush you into a bad decision.
·         A candidate might seem perfect ... and you’d love that to be true. (Even a poor salesperson can sniff out a willing buyer and push them towards the easy decision).
·         You don’t want to ask tough questions and trip him or her up.
·         If you do, you’ll have to START ALL OVER AGAIN with another candidate.

Your secret weapon to smoke out impostors
·         Don’t focus too much on “inputs” like education, years of unrelated experience or past sales training (these are all features for you to note, but not true benefits).

·         Identify the OUTCOMES you want from the job and ask questions dealing with the specifics of the job to be performed. 
·         You can trust, but verify the specifics in at least two places.
·         Drill down to learn details about the candidate’s performance in past jobs, and if they truly have the skills and drive needed to succeed in your position.  Impostors will crumble and real candidates for your job will eagerly share specifics.
·         Yes, Chemistry and cultural fit are important, but it is amazing what RESULTS and Performance can do for relationships.

Start by finding the person with the past record of results and growth. History is very likely to repeat itself with a willing “student” and the right environment/employer.

Checking References is an Art and Science of Due Diligence

It is also a tool for recruiting and gathers data, which can be used in managing the winning candidate.  

Remember that all con men can give you at least two “good references” so you will need to find other evidence of the accomplishments and the facts that you have been given. 

After you get specifics from the candidate, not just hypotheticals….. Verify the data/ facts.

Verify accomplishments, dates and roles from several sources. Sniff out contradictions and use care not to overlook them just because you really love the chemistry with the candidate.

Treat every Key Representation like a fact that needs to be verified (Think loan underwriter – why do you think they need several sources and verify so much?).  Spot checking certain key facts generally will save you from verifying every item on a resume.   

Social media and Linked In really helps background checkers. Google and internet searches can help confirm if that candidate really did get great results for their company since there will be news reports of company growth, individual awards, certificates and other proof.  

I hope you find these tips useful.  I learned them the hard way hiring over 250,000 people as we grew PDQCareers and CT Engineering, the company I started in 1979 that grew to be one of California’s top employers. After selling my companies in 2006, the new firm grew and added more acquisitions and I got to watch as they added Sales and Service superstars, integrated acquisitions, and leveraged their momentum to over one billion dollars in sales.

We can help you build your company - we have deep resources to draw from!

Our firm, DeDominic & Associates, is committed to coaching leaders from large and small organizations whose business it is to execute worthy missions!  

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Are You the Do It Yourself Type? An Entrepreneur who is Self Made and Ready for the Next Challenge? How to Grow - by Business Coach Patty DeDominic

Would you like to build a Business, 
not just a Job? 

Are you an entrepreneur on a bit of a treadmill?

  • Would you love to get off the treadmill?
  • Are you ready to do the things to catapult your business?
  • Ready to move to the multi-million  dollar level?
  • Attract investors?  Increase your bank line or just add some key employees? 
  • Where do the most successful business owners go for help?

Find out how you can do that here! 

"There are Keys to Profitable Business Growth, and doing MORE isn't one of them."  
                                             - Patty DeDominic

Strategic Actions will bring you a higher R.O.I. than working harder.    

"Doing smarter things, not just doing them smarter."                                         
                                    - David Finkel

You might benefit from Strategic Profit Finding Coaching, and I'd love to tell you more.  

Curious? Interested in a no obligation consult?

Try Patty directly at  805-453-7490 or write to  for a FREE, no obligation session.

Are you sitting at the edge of business growth?

If you are feeling a bit overloaded or are overwhelmed by too many opportunities, you can benefit from FOCUS.

I can help.     


if you are more of a do-it-yourself, home study type:

The Maui On Line Bronze level program may be the
 right solution for you in 2013. Try this one here: 

The Maui Bronze Level Program for Self Directed Leaders

                             Get access to Maui Mastermind’s limited Online Coaching Program
                             and receive immediate access to high impact training, including:

                              Phase 1 – Establishing a Base  (Quick start video training)

                                     Phase 2 – Creating An Action Plan (Workbook)
                                  Phase 3 – Access to Maui’s Video Training Library
                                                      Plus 5 amazing Bonuses!

                          Consulting Services for Successful  Business Leaders


Blow Someone's Mind Today with Something Special by Patty DeDominic

Have YOU made someone really happy this week yet?

If not, you can make a difference today. 

I bet you can think of 3 people you can call right now.

Go Ahead, I can wait. Help them out. 

Or cheer them up.....  or refer business to them.

Your proactive "Pay It Forward" can blow someone's mind and it will come back to you many fold. You investing in your network can make a big difference and you, as a thoughtful executive can begin reaping  higher returns immediately with very little effort.

Just upgrade your game.... and make someone REALLY happy.

Thank YOU!    

And THANK YOU to Samsung for making my day with this awesome video.  Thank you too to the New York Life Company for sponsoring a number of my charitable activities and thank you to all the volunteers who support people around the world with your humanitarian work.  

Your referrals to me and the professional colleagues at
DeDominic & Associates, business coaches, led by Patty DeDominic with Christopher Dennis, Dr. Adele Schele and Brendon Huffman are deeply appreciated.     

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Al Walsh Has Hiring Wisdom to Share with You!

We encourage leaders to share their expertise. Over the years, Al Walsh has offered critical and valuable wisdom to his readers and we love his advice.

Take note, and your future hires will become even more effective faster. Enjoy....and act!

-Patty De

The 15 Keys to Successful Organizational Development

Take a moment and click here to view the fantastic and informative video I recently received from Murad Salman Mirza, my friend and senior vice president of Epic Software. His video, titled "The 15 Keys to Successful Organizational Development," outlines a method that "embodies the systematic approach to managing risk in reaching desired goals and objectives."

Without comprehensive systems to follow like the one Murad has developed, I believe that it is noticeably harder for businesses to reach their full potential and thrive. Watch the video and let me know what YOU think--which of Murad's key points resonate the most with you? Which tips can make your business better than it already is?

-Patty De

Friday, January 25, 2013

Your Career as an Entrepreneur by Patty DeDominic and David Finkel

Are You an Entrepreneur at Heart?

Coaches to Super Stars Patty DeDominic & David Finkel want you to be even more successful!

My friend and client, David Finkel, is a brilliant business strategist, a coach, an investor in businesses, people and real estate. His bestselling books have helped over one million entrepreneurs grow their companies.

Recently, David sent a letter to his clients and new business prospects with some valuable advice. I have reprinted his advice here. -Patty DeDominic

Five Tips to Grow Your Company 

By David Finkel, CEO Maui Mastermind 

 1. Formalized referral systems. If you find that a lot of your business comes by "word of mouth" then FORMALIZE several referral systems so that you can consistently control and spark inbound referral leads. • One services firm we work with uses a "check in" form with 3 blanks for referrals ("we'll send them a complimentary...") • Another medical practice we work with hosts quarterly "Friends and Family Health Days". • One online retailer we work with offers a coupon code to give a friend of theirs $20 off their purchase.

 2. Create an "Expert System" to increase your production capacity, lower your real costs, increase your value offering, and control for consistency. An "Expert System" is a system that captures the "know how" for how you run a core process in your business into a standardized method. This allows you to staff down to less expensive staff, to automate steps, have checklists or controls in place, and to at the very least template the process. It also pushes you to rethink how you do what you do to increase the value at the same time. • One CPA firm we work with increased their margins by taking 30% of what they used to have to do their expensive "Tax Seniors" do, and turned that over to admin help who used a clear template. • One manufacturer we work with reduced their risk by getting the "know how" of their senior engineer into a concrete system just in case he ever got hurt.

 3. Tune up your collections system (A/R) to improve your cash flow and increase your operating profit. Generally most owner reliant businesses are lax with either the pace or consistency with which they collect on their receivables. Yet just about every business owner I ever talked with tells me this isn't a problem for them. Still our business coaching team consistently finds that the average new client we accept into the Business Coaching Client has a past track record of losing between 5-15% of their A/R to poor collection practices. This is wasted pure operating profit since they are already paying the all the expenses of the business. No wonder that they smile--we help them find the fees to work with us and then some, often within the first 120 days of beginning to work together! • One occupational therapy clinic we work with found $66,000 of missed billings after two focused coaching sessions on this part of their business! • An I.T. company we worked with found and collected on $48,000 of receivables that they had never even billed for!

 4. Implement a regular "Reactivation System". Most businesses never formally and systematically go back to their past customers to regularly ask them to come back and buy from them again. What a waste! It cost you so much to initially acquire them as a client, but unless you have a system to automatically prompt you to effectively work to reactivate former customers, you're missing out. • Implementing a Reactivation System helped one manufacturer we work with generate $80,000 of new orders in 60 days. • One dentist we work with got a 25% conversion with her Reactivation System (and grew her clinic by over 30% in the process.)

 5. Improve your Financial Pillar so that your financials are set up correctly to show you your true financial picture. One of the biggest point failures for most business owners is their lack of financial sophistication about fundamental financial concepts that are critical to running a successful business. How do you stack up on the "Big Three" warning signs that your Financial Pillar needs work? • Can you clearly see your "gross profit"?

 Your gross profit is the money you make after you subtract the direct costs of producing or acquiring your product or service. It is THE MOST IMPORTANT number for a business owner to track and review weekly (ideally) or monthly (at minimum).   

 Yet over 90% of small business owners can't give me their true numbers off the top of their heads! (OUCH!) • Can you easily look at your financials by product, or by sales channel--at the push of one button in your financial software? (If you can't, you simply haven't set up your Financial Pillar the right way!) • Can you clearly understand your cash flow situation over the next 90 days on a rolling basis within 5-10 minutes of pulling up the correct report? (Again, when you set up your Financial Pillar correctly, your accounting software can immediately process this into a simple report or dash board for you!)

David and I wish you greater success in 2013!  We are hoping that you will write or call us if you need help in growing your enterprise.   Or, better yet, you can  to get a complimentary copy of our latest 176-page bestseller, 

Build a Business, Not a Job

 your free copy today!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Auditing is an increasingly important role and an entre to other trusted corporate functions. Patty DeDominic Coach to High Achievers in Finance and Business

Introduction to Auditing Introduction Is this really a gateway or just a bird's eye view? I say it depends on what you choose to do with the experience. You have a trusted role for the policy and governing body. This is important career fuel! Patty DeDominic, top banking coach and consultant to entrepreneurs and corporate governance executives and board members.
You are what you make of your opportunities! Accountants and auditors both play a significant role in the general preparation and examination of a corporation’s, business’, and/or individual’s financial records. These professions work to ensure the accuracy of financial records and taxes. In addition, accountants and auditors assess financial operations and offer consultation and advice on the ways in which financial transactions may run at a higher level of efficiency. The services and responsibilities of accountants and auditors are often intertwined, yet both fields are unique and distinct from one another. Specifically defined, accounting is the process of identifying, measuring, and communicating economic information for a variety of audiences. Accountants provide a company with reliable and comprehensive information about the company’s economic activities and the status of its assets and liabilities. This information is typically compiled in the forms of balance sheets, income statements, and equity statements. The services of accountants enable clients to understand key concepts such as financial stability and economic profitability. Auditing refers to an independent appraisal performed by an auditing expert. There are several types of audits; however, the most common type is the audit of financial statements. Audit of financial statements requires the examination of the financial statements and other relevant records of the company in order to ascertain whether or not the statements are fairly presented. The duties of auditors include the analysis and comparison of accounting reports as well as the verification of a company’s compliance with standards and regulations. Auditors Not all Auditors are Created Equal! External An external audit program requires an independent auditor to perform a comprehensive financial statement audit which offers information on internal controls over financial reporting. External auditors review accounting, payroll, and purchasing records. Common areas of concern for external auditors involve the classification and pay of a company’s employees. In some instances, external auditors are called in to perform a thorough investigation of a company whose shareholders doubt the accuracy or legitimacy of a company’s financial claims. Internal Internal Auditors check for any mismanagement of an organization’s funds. The primary role of Internal Auditors is to objectively review and evaluate financial activities in order to maintain or improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s risk management, internal controls, and corporate governance. Internal Auditors evaluate the effectiveness of accounting operations, determine whether a company complies with laws and regulations, and investigates whether or not a company is taking the proper steps to address control deficiencies and audit report recommendations. Quality The Quality Auditor is a professional who understands the standards and principles of auditing. This type of auditor is knowledgeable about the auditing techniques of examining, investigating, evaluating and reporting in order to determine a company’s quality system adequacy and deficiencies. Quality audits are performed at fixed time intervals for the purpose of ensuring that the institution has clearly outlined internal system monitoring procedures. These types of audits determine the extent to which the organization complies with its defined quality system processes. Quality Auditors compiled reports, findings, and recommendations in order to provide the company with specific ways to improve. Opportunity is what YOU make of it. Not just a "bean counter." Types of Employment for Auditors Accountants and auditors held about 1.3 million jobs in 2008. Most accountants and auditors work in urban areas, where public accounting firms and central or regional offices of businesses are concentrated. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, a majority of accountants and auditors work in the offices of major corporations, although some are able to complete work from home. Nearly 24 percent of auditors work in accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services. Another 8 percent work for financial and insurance companies. Additional Resources The Institute of Internal Auditors is the internal audit profession’s representation, leader, and advocate. Members of this organization work in the areas of internal auditing, risk management, governance, internal control, information technology audit, education, and security. Internal Audit Benchmarking Association is a free association of corporations with internal auditing departments. This Association conducts a variety of benchmarking studies in order to identify methods of obtaining improved operations within an organization. Association of Government Accountants is an organization dedicated to supporting the careers and professional development of government finance professionals working in federal, state and local governments as well as the private sector and academia. National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers, and Treasurers is an organization for state officials who work within the financial management of state government. Association of Certified Fraud Examiners is the world’s largest anti-fraud organization and provider of anti-fraud training, professional development and education. The Path to IT Audit provides comprehensive information on the education, training, and experience needed to become an IT Auditor. 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