Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Show Off YOUR Unique Blueprint!

Some words of wisdom from Hillary, the 'Angel of Fire' at -- 
I'm taking a bold step today to say... 

If you are trying to use someone else's exact blueprint for 
your life as a "one size fits all" concept -- PLEASE STOP! 

One size fitting all or even most when it comes to pretty 
much anything never really works. 

It just creates more suffering and holds you back from 
shining your own light. 

In my new blog post, I show where this goes wrong. 

Modeling Someone Else's Plan for Your Life Could Complicate Things

Here's why: The main problem with blanketed advice is that 
it's made to help the masses.  What works for one person may
not work for you as a blueprint for your life.  

Curious to know... 

How do you feel about following someone else's blueprint for
your life? Has it worked? Not worked? 

Did you find one step that put it all together for you? 

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