Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Deciding to be Successful

Patty DeDominic says........
 It's important to learn the basic skills and to decide not to become one of the unemployables.......

This is really a choice that most of the unemployed make unless they have a severe disability and most of those on unemployment do not have such disabilities!      Some suffer from what Zig Ziglar called STINKIN THINKING.......  that's when we listen to the voices who say it can't be done, or that it is too hard.....or that success take WORK!     Being a Success usually also takes the decision to be successful, and it takes FOCUS and a plan!

Gather your resources!   Gather your team and build a strong network.   Make  "DEPOSITS" into the universal favor bank of your selected team mates in your network.    Choose the people you associate with and seek out mentors.

Here's one of my favorite coaches, Bill Poet and some great advice on a basic skill we are all born with, one that we can refine and use to our advantage in performance.....
"Our first, last, and most important skill is breathing; if you are still breathing, then there is still hope! Your ability to keep on breathing and moving is God's and the universe's way of letting you know they are not done with you yet." Bill Poett, America's Coach.

Dear Patty,

Good morning,

Today's Cuppa Joy is literally a breath of fresh air. Breath... it's much more than the key to life; it is the key to power, focus, and presence.

Twenty years ago, when I was a close quarter combat instructor, my peers, students, and I were consumed with performance; when lives are at stake (yours or others), good enough simply isn't. And how we preformed in practice was meaningless; the only thing that mattered is how we preformed under pressure. The key (in addition to perfect practice) is breathing. Using it, controlling it, and managing it!
When you are blasted with adrenaline by an event (an attack, a presentation, job interview, first date) everything within your physiology changes; your breath, heart rate, vision, perception of time and space, all change. Your ability to recognize, control, and perform in this environment is what ultimately determines your success or failure.

I was constantly looking for ways to place myself and instructors in high stress environments - - skydiving, rock climbing, stress shooting courses, and training blindfolded were just some of the techniques we used. We could then conduct a physiological post mortem. What does fear feel like? What changes does it create within your body and most importantly, how do you manage it? The simple answer is it all comes down to breath; short and fast = fear and decreased performance; slow and deep = control, confidence and increased performance. Your environment isn't the only factor controlling you; I want you in charge.

I understand this is a simplistic answer to a deep question but exploring it will be well worth your time. Just remember this, if you are still breathing there is still hope and the game is definitely still on!

On behalf of your team at Bill Poett Performance Group, slow down, breath, find your balance and keep moving...and oh yeah, whenever possible have fun!

Yours in-Joy,

Bill Poett, America's Coach

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