Thursday, January 27, 2011

Patty DeDominic says goodbye after a successful trip to the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

DeDominic worked with Deborah S. Nelson, founder, along with Minguito 17 (middle with hat)
and 19 year old Junior (left). The boys, whose classroom education stopped in the 7th grades
were gifted with English lessons by Canadian/Haitian
philanthropist Brian Kelly. After DeDominic's coaching
where she learned they want to become leading Haitian
businessmen, she encourages them to get back in school.

Only a week after her visit, Deborah has already helped
them get tutoring to bring them up to speed and they will
re-enter public school in Montellano, Dominican Republic.

They are learning Facebook and will be Twittering about
their progress soon. You are invited to support them with
charitable donations thru their NGO international, non profit
fiscal agent or via their social enterprise

In this photo they are opening their first copy of the book that Deborah Nelson
helped them write! Search for their book on or at
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Here's a photo of Junior and Minguito
the two Haitian boys living in the Dominican

Thanks to generous Americans and Canadians
they now have their own book, laptops and will
soon have wireless internet service in their
own home town Montelleno, DR.

Visit their website at

This was taken at the airport as I departed from
my recent trip taken at the request of friend
and Author's coach, Deborah S. Nelson.

Patty DeDominic Helping Achievers Soar.... comes in all forms all over the world.
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