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Margo Day - The Walking

\\\Your Future could be in GREEN IT.
You can also learn lessons from Thw Walking Tree in the rainforest according the Women Leaders,
Margo Day and others at the International Women's Festivals this past year. Come to Santa Barbara on March 4 & 5, to see Anne Doyle and others on Leadership lessons.

Get connections, inspirations and new friends at the

Monday, February 21, 2011

Build YOUR Image, Brand YOU, Inc. by Patty DeDominic and Mary Schnack

Re-invigorate your BRAND at

BRANDit Santa Barbara

March 31 - April 3, 2011

Hosted by Patty DeDominic and Mary Schnack
Yes, its time to take action!
 Give yourself the time to step-away from the distractions of your office, and give more attention to focus on your personal and professional brand. BRANDit helps you bring a crystal clear vision on your work passions, future plans, and a BRAND new marketing kit, including professional head-shots and personal video trailer.

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About The BRANDit Program

A three and half day global business training program designed for the established businessperson who wants to refresh and reinvigorate his/her branding. In an exclusive group (max of 14), attendees:

1. Identify their core five PASSIONS and future VISIONS in a workshop called, Your BRAND Your PASSION.

2. Define their Brand Positioning Statement in the workshop The BRAND called YOU!

3. Create a BRAND new or updated elevator pitch, with input from other global businesspersons.

4. Transform their BRAND new positioning statement into a cool presentation trailer for multiple usages. (Videos grab attention, engage viewers and, if executed properly, can succinctly communicate your entire value proposition in as little as two minutes).

5. Receive professionally styled photos of them and their BRAND.

6. Get one full page coverage in the BRANDit online magazine distributed to business owners in over 70 countries.


Thursday, March 31: Arrive in Santa Barbara. Introductory dinner (part of workshop package) in the evening.

Friday, April 1: Full day of training, plus finalizing your elevator pitch for tomorrow’s video shoot.

Saturday, April 2: Video and photo shoots. You will have specific times. So you can use the rest of your time to attend additional workshops, shop, go to a spa, winery, etc. Dinner for all full workshop participants.

Sunday, April 3: A day of surprise activities. The cameras will still be rolling and you’ll be experiencing some of the best places the Santa Barbara area has to offer. Weekend concludes with a celebratory dinner!

Chapter One: Your BRAND your PASSION!

Runa Magnusdottir, co-founder of BRANDit and international trainer, works with participants to discover unique ways to build up their own company culture of Passion and Purpose. Every individual has unique gifts and a unique purpose in life, and every company provides a unique value to its customers, clients and to the world. In today’s busy society, business owners are seeing the importance to gain clarity on their own Passions and Purpose in their professional as well as personal life .During this training course, you will discover your own Work Passions and Core Passions, learn the tools for a Passionate Life, determine where you stand now in living your Work Passions, and create your own future 10-year vision. This is taken from The Passion Test ™ from the #1 NY Times bestseller book by Janet Bray Attwood & Chris Attwood.

Chapter Two: The BRAND called YOU!

Mary Schnack, an international PR specialist and consultant, clarifies your own unique BRAND. The first step of a well-rounded communications campaign is to create your brand, your identity. YOU are a brand and an important part of the business's branding. As we are constantly vying for attention in a crowded marketplace, we must build our brand to position ourselves as an EXPERT in our field. By being seen as an expert, our branding helps us secure financing, generate awareness through publicity and build our reputation in our communities. What do you stand for? What makes you unique in your field? What makes people remember you and want to do business with you again? It’s not an easy question for most people to answer! It doesn’t matter what size your business is, how much revenue you create or how many employees you have or even if you work for someone else. YOU are a brand. When you can define your brand, you can successfully market YOU.

Chapter three: Your BRAND new Marketing Kit

In business, fresh and outstanding images of the BRAND YOU can have a big impact. It is important how the pictures are captured and the feeling they present when you send them across to your clients or media. They should present you as a professional and identify your BRAND. This is Bjarney Ludviksdottir’s specialty and passion, and you will be amazed with the outcome. In order to capture the perfect image we take two days to shoot each participants profile from various different angles. In studio with hair and makeup and in nature. You will leave with three different stylized head-shots ready for your BRAND new Marketing Kit. Your BRAND new video pitch trailer serves as a personal tool to give your clients and media a positive feeling about you and what you represent.

The BRANDit Program Brings You:

1. Crystal clear focus on your passions and future vision for yourself and your brand*

2. Two to four stylized photos ready to use for your Marketing Kit*

3. A video presentation of your business pitch*

According to Forrester Research, you are 53 times more likely to appear on page one of Google's search results with video on your website. Video raises click-through rates up to 200 percent.

4. Worldwide visibility on our online BRANDit magazine (2 pages)

5. Confidence when delivering on your razor sharp elevator pitch*

6. A special GOLDEN profile on*

7. A network of incredible businesses from around the world*

8. A bucket-full of new inspiring ideas and the vision to pursue your passions!*

9. Your Brand Positioning Statement who YOU are as a brand!*

The workshop helps businesspeople achieve success through attaining a clear vision of their present strengths and future goals, identifying their passions, and creating a network of powerful businesspeople to support them along their journey.

COSTS for BRANDit Santa Barbara

Full Charge* NAWBO, WIPP, TIAW, WLE discounts*

$3,500 $2,900

Early Bird Discounts

If paid by February 27, 2011

$2,700 $2,500

If paid by March 6

$3,000 $2,700

*Charges include three celebratory dinners.

Workshops Only*:

Friday, April 1: Your Business Your Passion presented by Runa Magnusdottir and The Brand Called You presented by Mary Schnack.

Saturday, April 2: Social Media presented by Runa Magnusdottir and Media Training (or Message Point Development) presented by Mary Schnack.

$250 per seminar or two for $450.

Sign up By March 6: $225 per seminar.

*Workshop registration includes a ticket for Sunday night (April 3) Celebration Dinner.

See BRANDit magazine online.


For more information on BRANDit, including testimonials, marketing kits for prior attendees and programs in other countries, click here.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dr. Adele Scheele on HOW TO FIND A MENTOR

There are certain necessities in life, and having a mentor is one of them. No matter where you are in your career -- just starting, rising, stuck, at the end -- you need such a coach. In fact, you need a series of them.

Where do you find them? Look around you and see whom you admire. Potential mentors are busy working in your department, in your organization, in your profession. They are not typically your direct bosses, who need you in your place (although, some who are promoted might take you with them). Search for outstanding people two or three levels above you in experience and talent. You will discover them talking in meetings and at conferences that you sign up for, even if you have to pay for it. Watch for those who are smart, on the rise (if they have not risen to the top already) and genuine. Seek out those whose advice you might value for ways to think through problems, tackle dilemmas, handle difficult (but critical) people and get noticed and tracked. In short, increase your opportunities. Imagine how they might guide you and, hopefully, have the power to nominate you.

But don't wait until they find you. You have to start the process. Compliment them after they have given a presentation, and tell what impressed you. Ask if you can talk to them about a project you are working on, one in which they have expertise. Don't think of it as asking them to sign on as your life mentor; instead, ask for their take on your work and a suggestion to make it better. Then report back what happened, what didn't. If their advice failed, think about whether you followed it well or if timing was against you. Sometimes they are wrong twice in a row, and you have to move on to another. It's not uncommon.

Continue to ask for specific advice along with initiating conversations about their careers and the state of their organization and profession. Celebrate their continued successes. It will make stronger bonds as well as underscoring what it takes. And, as you rise, look for other experts. Every CEO has a board to talk to; every smart politician has a kitchen cabinet, at the least. Every successful person turns to and relies on brilliant others to advise them. No one does it alone.

Thank them each time. An absent thank-you note is a sure sign of selfishness, ignorance or overload. But authentically successful people make time to write thank-you notes or email. Always. Sometimes, they even send a token gift of celebration. Some also remember birthdays. Think of mentors as your family, your work family, for whom you are always on your best behavior.

Find talent by working with it. Get yourself active by joining committees and taskforces in your organization. Certainly join and participate in professional associations. Or, consider civic, religious or political volunteering as well. Getting mentored is not a formal process, but you can learn this networking skill and make your way in. Sign up for unpaid work; learn by doing and watching those who do it well. Growth and leadership need development through belonging. Only through that process can chance be at your side.

Being catapulted up by mentors is an education in itself. You'll learn many skills, technical and strategic savvy, along with the nod from someone who does more than mentor you -- someone who can sponsor you and nominate you for a position for which you would otherwise not have been considered.

The unspoken rule is that you must show yourself to be one of them. By demonstrating your work and your relationship, you gain their trust.

Taking the risk of connecting to sage others, over and over in your careering progress, will yield unimagined opportunities. And it will be a model for what you will do for others, in turn.

Make your luck happen!


Dr. Adele is the author of "Skills for Success" and "Launch Your Career in College." Visit her website,

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The NEW New World of Work, FREE Career Resources: Help Spread the Word About Empowering Women at the International Women's Festivals in Santa BarbaraThe Biggest Networking Event Santa Barbara Offers

The NEW New World of Work, FREE Career Resources: Help Spread the Word About Empowering Women at the International Women's Festivals in Santa BarbaraThe Biggest Networking Event Santa Barbara Offers

Help Spread the Word About Empowering Women at the International Women's Festivals in Santa BarbaraThe Biggest Networking Event Santa Barbara Offers

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The Biggest Networking Event Santa Barbara Offers All Year: March 4-5th

4th Annual Women's Festival—Empowering Leadership, Fostering Education and Women Empowerment

Meet Powerful Women In Leadership Roles at the Women’s Festival On March 4-5th

SUMMARY: On March 4 and 5, 2011, Santa Barbara, CA, you will have a rare Santa Barbara networking opportunity with powerful women in business. If you are interested in learning about the importance of education and women empowerment, you do not want to miss this unique Santa Barbara festival that seeks to empower women and celebrate Women's History month.

The Women's Festival is one of the only events in Santa Barbara that offers a unique opportunity to network with women in leadership roles from a wide range of backgrounds. The Women’s Festivals are the premier gathering of women seeking to empower themselves by connecting with the tools and resources they need to flourish and prosper in all aspects of their busy lives. Attendees help further the celebratory momentum behind Women’s History Month and address the crucial issues facing women today in an interactive, multi-cultural, and entertaining format—providing fertile ground for networking, referrals, and resource sharing.

You will have a unique opportunity to meet powerful women business leaders, and influential owners of Santa Barbara companies. You will leave with a renewed sense of the importance of education and women empowerment. Women leadership is a key focus of this March festival, and many say it is the best networking event Santa Barbara offers. Come help empower women at the 4th Annual Women's festival. No other Santa Barbara festival gets you up close and personal with inspirational leaders from the arts, local non-profits and thriving businesses.

A talented team of well-connected men and women have joined forces to produce the 2011 Women's Festivals in Santa Barbara, California. Founding non-profit organizations include the National Association of Women Business Owners, SCORE, Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara, Girls Inc. of Carpinteria, Future Women CEO’s, Women's Economic Ventures, the Women's Foundation of California, the Weidemann Foundation, the Profant Foundation for the Arts and Santa Barbara Chamber Commerce - all joining forces in a common goal of empowering women through educational and enlightening discussions led by renowned speakers and authors.

According to Founder Patty DeDominic, “We invite you to be up close and personal with inspirational leaders from the arts, important community organizations and business in beautiful Santa Barbara to help you create a Rich and Fulfilling life.”

The Women's Festival seeks to benefit and encourage non-profit organizations specifically concerned with women leadership, e.g., NAWBO, Girls Inc., etc. The Women's Festivals will celebrate the accomplishments and nurture the dreams of women in an interactive, multi-cultural, and multi-tracked format focusing on the five critical areas of women's lives: Personal, Professional, Philanthropic, Political, and Planet— otherwise known as the "5 Ps."

The festival mission statement is to further the celebratory momentum behind Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, which is always on March 8th, however, the Santa Barbara event is planned a few days earlier on March 4-5th.

2011 Festival Theme: Collaboration and Leadership

* Better future relationships

* Building a better world through philanthropy

* Building better businesses - Skills for Success

* Better health

* Better planet - smarter, sustainable, and green

* Working with young women, future leaders, building self-sufficiency

* Looking at past role models to find lessons for the future

People from throughout the world will attend the California Women's Festival on March 4 & 5, 2011 at the Earl Warren Show grounds located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. The Santa Barbara festival will include a professional business expo, awards program, and educational and enlightening discussions led by renowned speakers and authors. For further information about how you can help empower women and meet women in leadership roles at the biggest networking event Santa Barbara has to offer for 2011, please visit the site at or contact

Empowering Women In Leadership Roles At The Biggest Santa Barbara Festival Of The Year

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The Women’s Festival is coming up on March 4-5th and offers you a unique opportunity to network with powerful women in leadership roles, and gain renewed sense of the importance of education and women empowerment. Women leadership is a key focus of this March festival, and many say it is the best networking event Santa Barbara offers. Help empower women at this Santa Barbara festival

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The biggest networking event Santa Barbara offers in 2011 is coming Mar 4-5th. Empower women in leadership roles.

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