Thursday, February 21, 2013

Are You the Do It Yourself Type? An Entrepreneur who is Self Made and Ready for the Next Challenge? How to Grow - by Business Coach Patty DeDominic

Would you like to build a Business, 
not just a Job? 

Are you an entrepreneur on a bit of a treadmill?

  • Would you love to get off the treadmill?
  • Are you ready to do the things to catapult your business?
  • Ready to move to the multi-million  dollar level?
  • Attract investors?  Increase your bank line or just add some key employees? 
  • Where do the most successful business owners go for help?

Find out how you can do that here! 

"There are Keys to Profitable Business Growth, and doing MORE isn't one of them."  
                                             - Patty DeDominic

Strategic Actions will bring you a higher R.O.I. than working harder.    

"Doing smarter things, not just doing them smarter."                                         
                                    - David Finkel

You might benefit from Strategic Profit Finding Coaching, and I'd love to tell you more.  

Curious? Interested in a no obligation consult?

Try Patty directly at  805-453-7490 or write to  for a FREE, no obligation session.

Are you sitting at the edge of business growth?

If you are feeling a bit overloaded or are overwhelmed by too many opportunities, you can benefit from FOCUS.

I can help.     


if you are more of a do-it-yourself, home study type:

The Maui On Line Bronze level program may be the
 right solution for you in 2013. Try this one here: 

The Maui Bronze Level Program for Self Directed Leaders

                             Get access to Maui Mastermind’s limited Online Coaching Program
                             and receive immediate access to high impact training, including:

                              Phase 1 – Establishing a Base  (Quick start video training)

                                     Phase 2 – Creating An Action Plan (Workbook)
                                  Phase 3 – Access to Maui’s Video Training Library
                                                      Plus 5 amazing Bonuses!

                          Consulting Services for Successful  Business Leaders


Blow Someone's Mind Today with Something Special by Patty DeDominic

Have YOU made someone really happy this week yet?

If not, you can make a difference today. 

I bet you can think of 3 people you can call right now.

Go Ahead, I can wait. Help them out. 

Or cheer them up.....  or refer business to them.

Your proactive "Pay It Forward" can blow someone's mind and it will come back to you many fold. You investing in your network can make a big difference and you, as a thoughtful executive can begin reaping  higher returns immediately with very little effort.

Just upgrade your game.... and make someone REALLY happy.

Thank YOU!    

And THANK YOU to Samsung for making my day with this awesome video.  Thank you too to the New York Life Company for sponsoring a number of my charitable activities and thank you to all the volunteers who support people around the world with your humanitarian work.  

Your referrals to me and the professional colleagues at
DeDominic & Associates, business coaches, led by Patty DeDominic with Christopher Dennis, Dr. Adele Schele and Brendon Huffman are deeply appreciated.     

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Al Walsh Has Hiring Wisdom to Share with You!

We encourage leaders to share their expertise. Over the years, Al Walsh has offered critical and valuable wisdom to his readers and we love his advice.

Take note, and your future hires will become even more effective faster. Enjoy....and act!

-Patty De

The 15 Keys to Successful Organizational Development

Take a moment and click here to view the fantastic and informative video I recently received from Murad Salman Mirza, my friend and senior vice president of Epic Software. His video, titled "The 15 Keys to Successful Organizational Development," outlines a method that "embodies the systematic approach to managing risk in reaching desired goals and objectives."

Without comprehensive systems to follow like the one Murad has developed, I believe that it is noticeably harder for businesses to reach their full potential and thrive. Watch the video and let me know what YOU think--which of Murad's key points resonate the most with you? Which tips can make your business better than it already is?

-Patty De