Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mary Elizabeth Bradford Offers Great Job Coaching

Our next JSS Coaching Group call is today,
 Tuesday, November 2, 2010 

Do What You Are – Match Your Personality with Your Career

By understanding your personality type you can discover the perfect career for you! Please join me for this very special call where we will be discussing different personality types and best career fits! In preparation for this call we ask that you take the free career assessment athttp://www.keirsey.com/. This call is fr’ee for Job Search Success System Members.

Want the Job Search Success System for Fr'ee? 
When you purchase a resume package from me you will automatically receive my entire Job Search Success System! This includes private coaching and everything you need to set up a turnkey job search that teaches you easily how to tap into the hidden job mark et-saving you time and maximizing your income.

 Learn more here: http://www.maryelizabethbradford.com/resume.php

VIP Client Spotlight—Feature Testimonial

"I started job searching August 15 and had NO responses from any of the 13 online applications. The only responses were "sorry..."

So, just since last week, I began using the new resume you designed for me. I have applied for 5 jobs and gotten 3 calls/requests to take assessments online + 2 telephone interviews. Interestingly ***** was a company I applied to several years ago, but got no response. Since I had posted my new resume in a very few select job boards, I got a call from them today out of the blue.” So we have movement!!!! Thanks so much!!”

Maria Elides, HR Executive, Youngstown, OH