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The NEW New World of Work, Help Wanted!: Help Wanted, 2 Great Engineering positions in Bay ...

The NEW New World of Work, Help Wanted!: Help Wanted, 2 Great Engineering positions in Bay ...: This is an ad posted by one of my clients.   skling@spkaa.com Please tell them that you heard about this opportunity on Patty De's blog! P...

Help Wanted, 2 Great Engineering positions in Bay area, California

This is an ad posted by one of my clients.  skling@spkaa.com
Please tell them that you heard about this opportunity on Patty De's blog!
Please do tell friends.....and let's get some great synergy going.   thank you.

Dynamic and caring enterprise
needs some key Engineers:  
2 opportunities in the Bay area.
     Application Engineer and Network Engineer

Are you a gifted Network Engineer who lives and breathes Networking from architecture to maintenance?

Are you tired of working in the corporate “mill” where you are under appreciated and over-utilized?

Are you sick of working in a start-up where you are underpaid and asked to wait for the IPO while you watch the stock market tank?

Would you like to work in a small consulting company with an excellent reputation, with a great team, a great manager AND great pay?

If you answered yes to the above then we need to talk!

We are looking for a GREAT Network Engineer to come work for us immediately. We have established clients who need Network architecture, performance and maintenance help from us. Our business is absolutely booming and we need to add people now to help out our existing team.

We are NOT a body shop. We have a select group of clients who love the job we do for them and they simply want “more” now!

In an ideal world, here is the list of network experience we could use. If you’ve got “most” but not “all”, I guess we’d have to talk and see if it’s “enough”:

Multicast streaming


Nagios, and/or other monitoring tools

Network security utilities

Strong HTTP knowledge

Knows the OSI model, Ethernet and TCP/IP

Implemented and administered DNS, FTP, SSH, NFS, NIS

Firewalls and VPN

Cisco switches and ASA devices

Familiar with streaming video technologies



Network attached storage

Professional Characteristics:

Great problem solving skills

Displays a calm, confident, positive, can-do attitude

Someone willing to own difficult problems

Great command of the English language

A superb multi-tasker

This position will require “a bit” of travel but you won’t mind because you will be working on some really interesting stuff! It’s a full-time position.

So let’s see, it’s interesting work, a stable company, a great team, a great manager, and pays well. Is there any reason you shouldn’t apply?

If you are interested, please forward your resume with your response to this ad and let’s see if there is a fit! skling@spkaa.com

Application Engineer wanted:
Are you a gifted Application Engineer who relishes being THE go-to guy when it comes to installing, administering, or using application software?

Are you tired of working in the corporate “mill” where you are under appreciated and over-utilized?
Are you sick of working in a start-up where you are underpaid and asked to wait for the IPO while you watch the stock market meander aimlessly?

Would you like to work in a small consulting company with an excellent reputation, with a great team, a great manager AND great pay?

If you answered yes to the above then we need to talk!

We are looking for a GREAT Application Engineer to come work for us immediately. Our business is booming and we have established clients and partners who urgently need Application Engineering expertise from us right now. This hire will be an addition to our already formidable team of engineers who focus on engineering environments.

We are NOT a body shop. We have a select group of clients and partners who love the job we do for them and they simply want “more” as quickly as possible!

Essentially the job would entail providing installation, customization, usage and optimization of our partner ALM applications. Some examples would be Electric Cloud Commander, PTC/MKS Integrity, and IBM/Rational Suite.

You would be providing your industry and technical expertise in a very broad fashion: from onsite help to remote assistance, from problem solving to client training. You would need to be self-motivated and strongly oriented towards providing extremely high quality service to clients.

Here’s our technical wish list for the position. If you have some but not all of them, that may still be okay, we are willing to make a training investment for the right person.

Technical Wish List

Linux RedHat or Ubuntu server experience

Windows Server experience

Basic networking troubleshooting skills

Good systems admin experience with MS SQL Server (doesn’t have to be at the DBA level)

Ability to write SQL queries is a plus

At least some familiarity with Software Engineering environments

Specific Tool Experience (Nice To Have):

Support of any configuration management tools, such as ClearCase, Perforce or Subversion

Support of any defect tracking tools, such as ClearQuest, Bugzilla or Jira

Knowledge of PTC/MKS Integrity Requirements Management

Knowledge of PTC/MKS Integrity Test Management

Experience in any scripting language such as PERL, Bash, or Ruby

Professional Characteristics

Great problem solving skills

Displays a calm, confident, positive, can-do attitude

Great command of the English language

Someone who wants to have fun on the job!

So let’s see, it’s interesting work, a stable company, a great team, and you’ll have a great manager. Is there any reason you shouldn’t apply?

If you are interested, please forward your resume with your response to this ad and let’s see if there is a fit!       skling@spkaa.com

Please let the company know that you found out about this opportunity on Patty De's blog!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Making Your Points When it Counts. How to Talk with the CEO

I asked Chris Dennis to give us his advice on How to Talk to your CEO.
His Article is here...   enjoy.
Santa Barbara, California Business Coaches   Patty DeDominic

How Do You Talk With The CEO?

Chris Dennis

In working with people from Board Rooms to 3rd shift operations around the world I have learned that we all have more in common than differences—This also applies to CEO’s. We all want to care for our families, have purpose behind our work and be recognized for our contributions. Establishing a good relationship with the CEO, regardless of your organizational level, can benefit everyone and contributes to the principle of “Enlightened self- interest.”

Unless you have immediate access and even if you do it’s critical that you have a good working relationship with the CEO’s Administrative Assistant for much of their job is to protect the time constraints impacting the Boss. Gaining access to the CEO is possible in most organizations by anyone who is prepared and respectful of the time allocated.

Offered below are 14 additional suggestions for your consideration;

• Don’t procrastinate- take action,

• Be prepared, do your homework, review the organizations published communications, Web site, strategy, vision, operating guidelines etc.

• While you have a specific need don’t forget that CEO’s are like everyone else, they are motivated also by self-interest, What’s the benefit for the CEO in your thinking and what you may propose?

• Know what you hope to accomplish, you will have time to discuss your primary concern but find out what is important to the CEO right now as it relates to the business in general or your functional area,

• Avoid highly technical questions as the CEO is usually more concerned about strategy or should be vs. remaining the organizations technical expert in any functional area,

• Ask open-ended questions e.g. Where are we going as an organization, what’s the strategy, what are our biggest opportunities, biggest obstacles etc.

• If you have a concern always be prepared to make a few suggestions as to solutions,

• Stress Team process whenever possible for effective team work is mandatory for long term organizational success,

• Focus on Action and measurable results not activities,

• Please “stay in character,” be yourself as we are all different while respecting what each of us can contribute through authenticity,

• While maintaining your authenticity try to incorporate/mirror some of the CEO’s behavior, mannerisms and ideas in your discourse, which should be in alignment with the organizations Mission, Vision and Values. We all relate better to others who we believe share common beliefs, {To gain a more in depth understanding of individual style and temperament you may want to review “MYERS-Briggs Type Indicator.”}

• Always express appreciation by saying “thank you” for their time,

• If appropriate a short summary of your actions/results in bulleted list format will reinforce your reliability, Keep others informed if appropriate e.g. immediate supervision, Follow communications protocol, always,

• Establish trust with the CEO through trustworthy behavior e.g. follow-up, follow-through on agreed upon actions and No gossiping!!

Talking with the CEO and establishing a good relationship is important. Communicating up/down and laterally compliments one of the CEO’s principle responsibilities of creating a culture that maximizes performance while creating opportunities. When the focus is on collaboration, learning and recognition it fosters more effective communication at all levels, improves organizational results and builds continuity for the future. This creates an organization where people really want to be, a distinct competitive advantage that benefits everyone.

You can reach Christopher Dennis at coach@dedominic.com or by scheduling a free half hour consultation in our offices in Santa Barbara, California or on skype or GoToMeeting.



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August 1st Girlfriends Day by Patty DeDominic

Love to share your thoughts and feelings in writing?

Do you have some deep friendships and know the value of a good girlfriend?

If you love to write and have a great girlfriend story to share, we would love to hear it.  Please enter our contest...... yes, I REALLY mean YOU!      Enter the contest for National Girlfriends day.   ( men are welcome to enter too!)

Girlfriends & Sisters Contest

You could win $100.00 by August 1, 2012!!

Life Moments for Women Celebrates Girlfriends and Sisters with an Exciting Contest

It's super easy to enter........  You Have a Great Chance
 to Win $100.00 in the next two weeks!

Share a story about a turning point in your life with your girlfriend and/or sister and the winning story will be posted on the Life Moments for Women blog. Plus you’ll win a $100 Amazon gift certificate or have $100 donated to the non-profit of your choice that serves women.

August is a terrific month for women. It begins with National Girlfriends Day and a few days later, on August 5, both National Sisters Day and National Friendship Day are celebrated. Life Moments for Women came into being through the friendship between the authors, Patty De Dominic and Maureen Ford. Many of the stories of the remarkable 100+ women in the book revolve around girlfriends, sisters and friendship, just as many of our lives revolve around are our girlfriends and our sisters, who are often one and the same. It’s time to celebrate them!


Here’s your chance to tell the world about that special moment you shared with your girlfriend and/or sister.

Write the story in 350 words or less in a Word file or in an email.

Please send it to lifemomentsforwomen@hotmail.com.

 Include your contact information and make sure it is sent no later than July 31, 2012

Our  judges will pick the best story, and it will be announced on our website on August 3, 2012 as well as in a press release that goes out on the Internet. It will be posted on the http://www.lifemomentsforwomen.com/  blog* and promoted all over the Internet.

Winner and runners up will receive a copy of Life Moments for Women signed by the authors.
Winner may also  be interviewed by Patty De Dominic for the radio feature on our site.

In addition to all this great exposure, you will receive your choice of a $100 Amazon gift certificate
 or have a donation made in your name to your favorite non-profit that serves women.

Send in your shared Life Moment today: Contest ends on July 31 at midnight!
 For more information go to www.lifemomentsforwomen.com
Write the story in 350 words or less in a Word file or in an email.

Please send it to lifemomentsforwomen@hotmail.com.

Include your contact information and make sure it is sent no later than July 31, 2012

Contest rules:

Entries must be 350 words or less

Entries may be in a Word file sent as attachment or included in your email

Entries must be RECEIVED no later than midnight, July 31, 2012

Entries must include a short bio of the author
Enties are accepted from men and women of all ages!

* By submitting your story to the Life Moments for Women Girlfriends & Sister Life Moment Contest, you agree that the publishers, Patty DeDominic, Maureen Ford, and Blue Point books may use your story on the Life Moments for Women website and other such articles and/or publications. You give permission and release from liability, on behalf of yourself and your heirs, for your story to publish in a book, post on the web, blog, video or CD form as well as any other media. It is understood that DeDominic & Ford and their agents and publishers, if any, retain for themselves and others acting on their behalf a non-exclusive, irrevocable world-wide license in said story to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies to the public and perform publicly and display publicly, by or on behalf of DeDominic & Ford and their publishers, agents and publicists. You warrant that this story does not include any copyrighted material by others, or libelous or unlawful statements that infringe on the right of others.

YOU DESIRE INSPIRATION IN YOUR CAREER, Reach Out and Grab It. YOU CAN make it happen! by Patty DeDominic


For Individuals

The Inspired Work Program promises renewal,
 a spotlight on all of your options and a "watershed" realization
 in how to make the most of the person you've become.

 The Inspired Work Program is an immersive two-day experience that treats work as a relationship rich with options and possibilities. Through a revolutionary Socratic process you literally design what you want out of life today, you connect more deeply with your unique gifts and you get a practical roadmap that pulls it all together. The solution-based outcomes provide a unique roadmap for every participant.

 Over 40,000 participants have used the program

 We've studied the relationship towards work for over twenty-one years

 The skills to develop a great relationship with any profession are quickly learnable

For More Information, Please call David Harder in Los Angeles: (310) 277-4850 and tell him that Patty DeDominic suggested you attend his excellent program.   I know you won't regret it!  Patty DeDominic,   Santa Barbara Business Coach
http://www.dedominic.com/       http://www.thenewnewworldofwork.com/  

Check out these testimonials:

"As a long term human resource executive, I have assisted hundreds of employees who face the challenges and trauma of losing a job. A few years ago, it was time for me to make a change and end a long employment relationship. The Inspired Work Program helped me move beyond the emotional challenges into defining what was right and sound and true for me. My professional life has only continued to grow and become more satisfying."

 Barbara Chardavoyne – Vice President, Human Resources, Fox Broadcasting Company

“Twenty years ago, The Inspired Work Program helped me discover what I needed to do to break out of a rut and get into something much more creative and fulfilling. My current success owes much to the techniques they taught me I encourage people to experience this as early in their lives as possible - it changed mine."

 Michael Browning - President - Bluewater Learning


Use The Inspired Work Program to:

 Develop immediate breakthroughs in your career and your life
 Elevate a career transition into a life-changing turning-point

 Make your work about more than earning a living - make it part of a great life
 Gain skill sets that will support you throughout your career and personal



For Organizations

The single greatest challenge in business today is that over 80% of America's workers don't like what they do for a living. Employee surveys, management training and personality profiles are all helpful. But, overall, this statistic hasn't changed in thirty years.

The Inspired Work Program is the world's leading resource for building employee engagement where it belongs: Within each and every worker.

For two days, intact teams are led into an immersive experience as each participant designs what they want out of their life, what is in the way and the skills they need to become fully responsible and engaged business partners. Everyone becomes involved in a conversation that is based on the kind of managed disclosures that lead to personal and collective breakthroughs. Over 90% of program graduates characterize the program as "life changing." Managers witness their own team crafting a new workplace that is based on telling the truth, supporting each other and creating a collective environment that is an inspired place to work. The Program is a rigorous and informing experience. When individual and collective truth becomes the norm, non-engagement has no place to hide.

Organizations use The Inspired Work Program to produce:

 Unparalleled engagement and unity
 Renewal of teams that have gone through the intense course of change and to the launch of new teams on the best of footings
 Develop leadership at every level of the workplace

“Their unique content is focused on whole person development. They help individuals and organizations develop newer, healthier relationships that result in greater engagement and productivity. I recommend them to executives who have the courage to address the attract/develop/retain challenge with new thinking, new tools and a new language.”

Glenn Rosen – Director

Global Talent Development – Coca Cola

“I personally attended several Inspired Work offerings and have since sent my entire team though The Inspired Work Program. Integrity, inspiration and intelligence are the foundation of their work."

Kim Shepherd - President

Decision ToolBox, Inc.


Inspired Work – Los Angeles: (310) 277-4850 - New York: (646) 200-5902


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Making the Best Digital Presentations by Patty DeDominic

Tips for better powerpoints
Patty DeDominic, Strategic Business Coach

No matter what your job is, you will soon find yourself preparing and delivering a digital presentation.
We sometimes see requests from employers for potential employees to make these types of presentations even on the first or second interview.

If you are planning to launch a business or even a new product, you will find that using these nine tips provided to us by Dale Carnegie Training will build your confidence.

You can find more help with great videos on Lynda.com and http://www.ehow.com/    


Is there any presentation today
 that does not rely on technology?

 Slides, mics, webinars, and virtual meetings all combine to provide today's presentation experience.

 No matter the technology you are using, there are some important things to remember to make sure
 you are delivering your presentation with impact!

NINE Tips:

1. Follow the 6x6 rule: Six words per line, six lines per visual.

2. Follow the 10-second rule: Your audience should be able to understand your slide in 10 seconds.

3. Use fonts that are large and easily legible.

4. Add the proper amount of graphics and photos.

5. Don't overdo animation.

6. Never read word for word what is on the screen. Know your material so you don't have to read it.

7. Keep eye contact with the audience. Don't turn your back to look at the screen when delivering in person and don't read off of a paper when being filmed during a virtual presentation.

8. Prepare your presentation space by turning off non-essential programs and diming the lights. Take any steps necessary to enhance the presentation experience and keep the focus on you.

9. Be ready for technical failure and be prepared to carry on.*

* I once made a disasterous to a prestigous conference because I was not prepared for my powerpoint to fail.  We had practiced and the rehearsals had gone perfectly but the conference grew and overnight the organizers decided to switch me to a room for 400 people!  In that room the AV technical staff was different and no matter what we tried my power point would not launch!   The night before conference staff and I practiced everything and it worked perfectly but I had not memorized my presentation and I was dependent on my slides.      Needless to say my performance really suffered and I embarrased myself by a poor delivery of essential information for a valuable audience.       Don't let this happen to you!

Here is a great video thats fast and easy to understand for someone at any level.

How to Use PowerPoint and Other Presentation Software

If you are new to presentation software, you will find all the basics you need to know right here, to create effective and professional looking presentations. Free step by step tutorials on how to get started using PowerPoint, Open Office Impress, and Windows Movie Maker.


Presentation Software Programs

PowerPoint for Beginners

FREE Online Ecourses

OpenOffice Impress for Beginners

Windows Movie Maker for Beginners

Printing in PowerPoint

Classroom Resources

For Special Occasions

Presentation Software Programs

A variety of presentation software applications are on the market today. There are software titles to suit every budget, from free to the major dollar range. Presentation software capabilities can range from a simple slide show to a visual powerhouse which includes sound, music and narration.

Everyone is a beginner at some point. Here you will find links for Beginner's Guides for various versions
of PowerPoint as well as a tutorials/articles for the absolute beginner.

Learn presentation software a little at a time.

 Subscribe to the newsletter online ecourse(s) of your choice and receive lessons in your email inbox.
 Some ecourses are provided either daily or weekly.

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Leading Virtual Teams by Patty DeDominic

Patty DeDominic
Santa Barbara Business Coach
Advice to Experts and Professionals

Leading Virtual Teams

A Virtual Business Coach, Patty DeDominic

Learning to be a better leader of yourself and others is essential in business and life.  Our friends and business colleagues are now spread world wide and some people feel that communicating is as easy as skype or an email.  Some feel its that simple and others find it easier to simply "check out" of the 21 century electronics altogether.     Is Communication easier now a days?

is it really?

The world is revolving around teams of people on projects.   Global NGO's, corporate giants and small business joint ventures all rely on teams spread outin differing work environments, sometimes all over the world. Some are much more effective than others. How do they do it?

How does a skilled leader cause
people on different time zones to
work together and collaborate for effective outcomes? 

  •  Planning, communicating and remaining flexible for creative spontaneous solutions helps. So does continuing your education on and off the job.     I believe the best learning comes by doing combined with skills building exercises, wise mentors and teachers.  Projects build experience, connections and skills.


Do you know the keys to successfully managing a virtual team?

  • Dispersed workforces are today's norm, and while virtual teams are similar to traditional teams, you can no longer rely upon the communication and team building that occurs naturally in face-to-face environments.

As a leader of virtual teams, you must take deliberate actions to build productive teamwork.

The digital age is changing how we work, play, communicate; even how we think.  Don't let the digital divide cost you success in all you do.  Virtual teams and the digital age is an exciting frontier that rewards those who leverage the power that it presents. Competing in the new environment will require higher levels of competence. While it may seem challenging to keep up with the pace of technology, the good news is that tools are evolving so quickly that they are easier to learn and use than ever before. You can learn almost anything you want to on line at http://www.lynda.com/ or at http://www.ehow.com/    Many new "competitors" are springing up monthly and google and microsoft continue to compete in the arenas of making your life easier on line. 

Decide to be more fluent in RESULTS-SPEAK!

 Business Coaches and many psychology experts agree that fluency in results, effectiveness as a habit combined with a desire to bring your EQ higher  (emotional quotient, not just IQ) grows your people skills and your professional success.  These people skills applied in a virtual world with scalable systems can catapult your success.   You don't have to be perfect, you just have to be better than your competition!

Virtual Teams are here to stay.   Yoda, or traditional mentors at work are few and far between.  You do need help and you can find help on line and in mastermind groups or seminars, webinars or with a business coach.

There are key success factors for leading virtual teams.  Communication, in all forms, in person, via skype, on social media and on the phone are all important factors.
  •    Clear Goals, combined with clearly defined roles and responsibilities will help  you succeed. 
  • Touch Base often and agree on the means and frequency of reconnection.
  • Fix your eyes on the PRIZE yet remain flexible and Adjust Plans as needed.
If you would like more help with leading virtual teams, please call our office for a free consultation.
http://www.dedominic.com/      805 453 7490

Or Attend this Webinar on line:

Leading Virtual Teams is part of the Keys To Success Webinar Series

At the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

• Identify the five success factors for leading virtual teams.

• Discuss the prevailing myths associated with leading a virtual team and tips for overcoming them.

• Define the skill set especially important to virtual team members.

• Identify actions to take and tools to use to ensure communication and team building occurs.





This webinar provides an introduction to the tools and attitudes necessary for effectiveness in the digital age.









July 30, 2012

11am to 12pm Eastern Time

Aug 24, 2012

11am to 12pm Eastern Time




























Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Great FAST Video on Basic Job Interviews, Patty DeDominic shares

You can bone up on the basics to give yourself confidence before meeting any potential employer or contract opportunity.   
How to Attend a Job Interview - Project Management

How to Attend a Job Interview - Project Management

Want to improve your job interviews? Watch this video to top job interviewing tips.

Project Management - http://www.projectmanager.com/

Patty DeDominic
Coach to high achievers

Monday, July 9, 2012

Women In Business, Breaking the Glass Ceiling comments by Patty DeDominic

Thanks to Vanja one of the Life Moments Interns for finding this important infographic on women's progress in breaking the glass ceiling.   http://www.lifemomentsforwomen.com/       Women's data shows they made great strides in all areas, but have not yet reached parity.     If you are observing this it is simply interesting.   If you are a high achieving woman, just remember that Ginger Rogers had to do everything that Fred Astair did, but she needed to do it while dancing backwards and in high heels!  

Keep your sense of humor and tredge on!   Surround yourself with the positive and successful people who feed your sould and who understand the power of reciprocity.    You will find that life in business has extraordinary ups and downs as its normal cycles go on.  

Building your personal or employers brand strong reputation as a professional is critical for success in todays chaotic climate.    Your resources will come from many angles and your resourceful creativity will pay off.

Patty DeDominic
Author, Business Coach
Santa Barbara, California


Thursday, July 5, 2012

NOT WANTED, One Trick Ponies!

Patty DeDominic, Santa Barbara based business consultant and professional executive coach asks: Do you have boss envy?  Or Memories of a "leader" and I do put that in quotes who has only one management style....and you might classify that style as BAD?   Rotten or Inspired?  

There is a new training offered by Business 21 offering
6 Managerial Styles You

Need to Lead Effectively

Far too many managers are “one-trick-ponies.” Early in their careers they had success with one management style and now use it regardless of the situation. The result: They fail to get the most out of their team because they simply lack the skills necessary to handle the complexities of managing people.

The best managers realize that to be truly effective they need to deploy a variety of management styles depending on who they're dealing with and what they're trying to accomplish. They know that a "one size fits all" approach to leadership just doesn't work.

That’s why we'd like to introduce you to an all-new leadership training program called Six Managerial Styles You Need to Lead Effectively.

This course will teach you what every manager on your team can do today to improve employee performance by mastering situational leadership.

Six Managerial Styles You Need to Lead Effectively

Or call toll-free at 888-761-7294.    You may PREVIEW this program now.

Grow your own skills and you can also help your managers get better results through people.

This leadership training program will show your managers and supervisors that mastering six management styles is the key to achieving results with their employees -- and advancing their careers.

Viewers will learn:

• Why “one-trick-pony” managers have limited value to the organization

• That great managers master a repertoire of six management styles, including:

1. Command and Control

2. Relating

3. Democratic

4. Goal-setting

5. Hands-on

6. Coaching

• How to correctly deploy the right style depending on the situation

Your team will love this training because it's:

1. Short and to the point – the training video is just under 10 minutes long so even your most impatient managers will watch it

2. Focused - It delivers a single "aha" that will change behavior

3. Ideal for both team and individual training sessions. The module includes:

o A concise desktop learning module - perfect for kicking off meetings

o Handouts for following along and taking notes

o A Meeting Leader's Discussion Guide to help you direct meaningful follow up conversation and reinforce the message

o An MP3 version of the program for those who prefer audio learning

o A Summary Sheet participants can hang by their desks for quick review

o A written version of the program script for convenient review while on the road

o And a Quiz (online and printable versions) that reinforces the training and allows you to track how well your managers internalized the concept.

For more info or to request your copy.   Or call toll-free at 888-761-7294.

With this program your managers will earn the respect of their people, become more versatile leaders who can handle complex challenges, and get top performance from the team they lead.

Remember: If you're not happy with this resource, for any reason, simply return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

Business 21 ~ 453A Baltimore Pike, Springfield, PA 19064 ~ 888-761-7294

This training sells for $199.00 and offers a money back guarantee.      That sounds like a great investment of your time and money to me!

Patty DeDominic
author, coach
Santa Barbara, California

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Good Advice for ANY Day from Armando Estrada


by Armando Estrada
Armando Estrada

Editors note:   Mr. Estrada is a long time client, first as a director at the Los Angeles Housing Authority where he worked as a manager.  Later he was HR Director at a number of very large Los Angeles area firms including Bocchi Labs one of the largest manufacturers in Southern California.     He currently writes and shares daily inspiration with a large following.     He is recovering from some very servious health challenges as you will be able to tell from reading his letter from last Monday night.  His advice and shared wisdom is always inspirational to me.   I wanted to share this letter with you today.   PD

 Lately I've been having a pretty rough time dealing with rather serious, discomforting and painful health issues along with the frustration and depression that accompany these things that have incapacitated me.


Lately, I haven't even sent out the Daily Motivators. Unfortunately life has been kind of flat for me. I didn't think I could possibly write anything worth sharing with you so I poured myself a cup of cinnamon coffee and sat in my patio to enjoy the night and the beautifully lit multi colored solar butterflies and humming birds that shine brightly in my patio. So I said to myself, "This is the perfect time to write, it will get me out of this slump." The following is what I wrote:



Happiness is not in getting more, but in wanting less and appreciating it. In wanting less you actually receive more - more joy, more contentment, more gratefulness.

I hope this reaches you and touches your heart because I desperately need to fill my heart and my spirit with what I've just written.

The greatest happiness you can have is knowing that you made a loved one happy.

A caring mind like a kind heart need not travel far to be appreciated by others.

It's not a bad thing to be strong in many ways while being kind and fragile in how you treat others.

    Like your shadow, your dreams lengthen and diminish when you just let them fade away.

      Self-confidence and honesty are a great 1-2 combination: Confidence in your ability and Honesty in owning up to your mistakes instead of covering up by blaming others.

        Positive people concentrate on winning, (fair & square) - they don't concentrate on not losing.

        Everything worthwhile in life has a price - not in money, but in sacrifice, effort and commitment.

        It's 11:00 P.M., I didn't drink my coffee but I sure drank a lot of pleasure and enjoyment in appreciating the beauty of God's gift of life.



        Already I feel the Loving touch of Jesus in letting me know that whatever comes I am under His Love and Protection and that the frustration and depression that I've allowed to overcome me will disappear if I put myself in His Loving care as I have this evening...


        -Armando Estrada-