Friday, April 17, 2009

Your First Real Job by Patty DeDominic with David Harder

Getting YOUR First paid Job takes Special Creativity & Tenacity.

David Harder of Inspired Work Services Inc. and I think
alike in many areas. We both work towards a VALUE set,
we offer resources and expertise freely, hoping it will be of
use to others.

Today we want to start a dialog for those starting their First Paid Job.

Just yesterday I was thinking it was time to talk about getting my first job....and today David sends me some thoughts on that very subject. Is that response about my intentions or just good luck? As Oprah Winfrey has been quoted saying "The harder and smarter you work, the luckier you get" So getting answers to questions you need answered or getting your first job...there are similar principles at work. It is not Luck....but you can make yourself luckier by preparing yourself and working past the obstacles. So, today two empathetic professionals, Patty De and David Harder, people who see trends and who feel the pain for job seekers, offer some tips on getting past the "No Experience" traps.

How hard was it to get my first, non family member job?
It WAS hard.....and I remember it (the hurt) as if it were yesterday.
Even though I was looking for my first real job over 40 years ago (in the 1960's)
I can still recall the pain of rejection and the feelings of insecurity and even anger when it seemed no one would hire me. The common excuse was ... "Sorry, we need people with experience and you've never had a real job. We do not hire people with no experience here."
Oh, that was painful and I recall lamenting "How can I get experience if no one will hire me..... it is a viscous cycle"

Today, David Harder is offering a piece of career advice for college graduates:

Over the years, college graduates told me, "But I've never worked. How do I get in the door."
In listening to about a 1/3 of these candidates, I've observed they have been very well raised. How? They are cordial, use a minimal of junk language, they listen, they are respectful of my suggestions. Young people like this have either been raised very well or they have gone through significant therapy. So, I suggest, "Tell them! I've done nothing except get this degree (if appropriate, with good grades). But what I can tell you is that I was brought up in a loving home that gave me high quality attention. They helped me develop good manners. They have good work ethics. They were terrific role models. If I get the privilege to work here, you can expect me to show up on time, engage with everyone respectfully, learn as quickly as humanly possible and fix problems without demanding special recognition. That is how I was raised and that is how I will work.

If you didn't have such a loving family:

I grew up in some challenges and I rose above them through hard work and finding terrific mentors. If you hire me, you can expect someone who is respectful, shows up on time and is tenacious. Through my short time on earth, I've learned that if I put my mind to something, it happens. I might ask you for suggestions, help or feedback, but I will get it done - usually ahead of time.

David Harder is President & Founder of Inspired Work, Inc. You can visit his website at

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