Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Do What you Love........

Aaron Neville
& Patty DeDominic
at the University of California
at Santa Barbara
If you've been around
for more than a few
decades you will know and love the Neville Brothers.
They do what they love.
These Louisiana men can cause people to jump to their feet and chant, dance and give wild applause. This was the case not too long ago with the Neville Brothers overwhelmed all of us at UCSB. Old and Young, hip and conservative....none of us could sit still as Aarom cruned and serenaded the audience along with his talented band of brothers.
I vowed to write this short article to remind all of us that we need to follow our true hearts desires when finding our career callings. Aaron Neville has a very distinctive and unique voice. Perhaps when he was a child he was thought as "different". He also loves to make him self look you can see from the attached photo, he is not a conformist in any way!
If you would like to hear some of the Neville Brothers unique and distinctive sound please go to their site, click on the link above.
I asked Aaron if he always knew he was destined to be Special? "When did you know you had a unique talent, a special voice and a gift to share with others? Did you need a lot of encouragement or did you just "know it"? Aaron Neville told Patty DeDominic, (conservative) Los Angeles Business Coach and author, that he always knew...... he just let his talent show and people responded. He said he would sign for anyone who wanted him to and would show off, and get himself little perks for sharing his gifts. Neville told me "I used to sign and get let into Movies for giving them a little show". He was tired that night, the group had flown across the country, given over two hours of the most fantastic music I had heard in years and now they were smoozing with some of the donor of the UCSB Arts & Lectures program: he was still working.
The brothers are an amazing example of people who are living their dreams and sharing their talents. They do what they love and it surely shows!

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