Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Joan Kessler on Alternative Dispute Resolution .... a Good Way to Go

Every interpersonal interaction usually involves both verbal and nonverbal components.

Many times the nonverbal cues may communicate more than and be inconsistent with the spoken words. Look for:

● Tone of voice cues indicating a contrary tone which may negate a positive verbal message.

● Hostile gestures such as crossed arms or eye rolling.

● Avoidance of direct eye contact may indicate evasive/deceptive communication.

Also, remember, you are always communicating nonverbally so be aware of nonverbal
cue leakage that you may exhibit and take care not to have nonverbal cues that are
inconsistent with your verbal messages.

Many years ago I received a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in Communications.
Before I went to law school I taught interpersonal relations, group interaction, conflict resolution, intercultural communication courses and served as a jury consultant. I apply the communication issues and solutions I taught, coupled with my 20 years of legal practice experience to my alternative dispute resolution practice.
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