Monday, April 27, 2009 a NEW Site for JOBS with Start Up Companies

There's a fun new site called

On their site it says For Job Seekers:
Because when you're joining a team to change how the world works or plays,
fit is everything. To find the right job you need to find the right company,
and we're here to help you look behind the curtain.

For Start Ups:
Because "best" and "brightest" are just the beginning of what you're looking for.
In a startup, every person matters. We get it, and we're here to make sure the
right people find you.

WHY Startuply?
Because talent + fit is what we're all about.
We give job seekers the power to compare apples to...well, oranges, and
companies the ability to share both their vision and the reality of startup life.

There are plenty of openings listed and it appears to be free for candidates and for
companies to post. Why not give it a try....they also have a terrific blog. (not as good as the New New World of Work's blog.... but what can I say! :-)

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