Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kevin Kermes on Finding the Open Doors

Finding the “Open Door” in the Job Market
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In last week’s article, we talked about turning rejection into opportunity. Given the current economic climate - Unemployment numbers at just over 7%, financial institutions and the auto makers are in crisis mode, the housing market is taking a beating – I thought discussing how the current job market looks opportunity-wise might be timely. My answer is likely going to surprise you. I see a lot of opportunity out there. There is gold in them there hills folks!
The reality is that there are a lot of examples of failure out there right now. The ability to shine when the economy is rolling – to be the king or queen of “low hanging fruit” – is rather easy. But challenging times require a different skill set - more leadership, more resourcefulness and more creativity – to shine. As I work with clients, these are some of the areas we focus on to develop opportunities:
· Leadership, leadership, leadership. Poor leadership is what got us into many of these messes and strong leadership is what is needed to correct the course. In the Infantry we used to say, “There are no bad soldiers, only bad leaders.”
· If you have a track record of success and can quantify and qualify those accomplishments (saving money, making money, creating efficiencies), wayward companies who realize they are in bad shape need your expertise.
· Along those same lines, experience with companies where you had to do more with less is key right now. Every company is aiming to be as efficient as possible. You can highlight your success (I refer to this as “Your Solution”) here with a small company and leverage it into a larger one where they need creative thinking.
· Consulting is a very attractive option. Many companies need change agents for the interim which they transition. This can be a very lucrative and rewarding avenue if you are unemployed and a senior executive. Keep your options open here.
No doubt, the economy has presented some unique challenges. But, in keeping with economics, the terms of supply and demand come to mind. And, for those with the skill sets outlined above, the demand is high but the supply (or your competition) is low. I am fond of the saying, “When one door closes, another one opens.” I think that is very fitting here.

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