Monday, April 20, 2009

God Bless Susan Boyle, Do What YOU love

Susan Boyle, Share your Gifts.....

The News, Even Oprah, is a buzz with the "overnight" phenom Susan Boyle, who is blowing the world away with the talent she demonstrated on a recent show of Britain's Got Talent.
Let Susan's example be your guide..... do what you love, and please do share YOUR gifts.
You just might shock the world with your talent too. Do what YOU love.
Dearest Susan Boyle, may the force be with you. You said you needed a job and I suspect
you'll soon be turning down more contracts than you can follow up with.
If you haven't yet hear Susan, the modern day example of an "everyday" woman who is indeed making her dreams come true. Please click on the youtube link above.
Patty DeDominic

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