Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dr Neen, Noted Author & Speaker Shows You How to Get Paid for Public Speaking

My friend, noted author and coach, speakers and consultant
Dr. Neen has been providing inpiration to me and others for
more than a decade now. Her books and outreach proves that
she knows what she is talking about and she freely shares her
I got a notice from her sharing info about a Free Teleseminar that could
be something you might have a strong interest in: Getting Paid for your Talks.
SpeakerMatch Teleseminar Series

Get Paid to Speak...Now!
The Teleseminar Every Emerging Speaker Can't Afford to Miss!
Thursday, April 23rd at Noon Central Time (1:00 p.m. Eastern, 11:00 a.m. Mountain, 10:00 a.m. Pacific)

What tops the thrill of getting your first invitation to speak?
Your first check for speaking! How do you manifest that?
Dr. Neen, international motivational speaker and author,
will share quick ways for you to move from free to fee'd speaking,
so you'll get those checks over and over and over again!

If you want to know how to:
• Stop speaking without getting a check
• Stop wasting time talking at dead-end events
• Up-level your topic
• Remove self-doubt
• Identify the check writers
• Brand yourself
• Become sponsorable
• Leverage your networks
• Match your message to money
• And more! …
You cannot afford to miss this call!
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On Thursday, April 23rd, Join Us For a FREE Info-Packed TeleseminarBe Sure To Submit Questions Early!

Details About This Teleseminar
Date: Thursday, April 23, 2009
Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Central Standard Time
Cost: ComplimentaryWe will not be using a toll-free number.
You will be responsible for the small long-distance charge if dialing out of your area code.
This will appear on your phone bill.
A teleseminar is a group telephone call.
You do not need to be near a computer or have internet access to participate.
For this particular teleseminar, you will not be able to hear other participants
-- you will only hear the host -- unless the host "opens the line" for comments
and questions. This teleseminar will be recorded. By your registering for this
teleseminar, you are giving us permission to record your comments, without
any remuneration to you.

You will be given a telephone number with a special access code to dial into the
teleseminar at the completion of your registration.

About Our Guest
Dr. Nina Craft, Ph.D., M.B.A., affectionately known as Dr. Neen,
the Think It, Do It!® Queen, is an international motivational speaker, author, mentor, television and radio guest, consultant, trainer, and philanthropist.
Her books and workshops have been sponsored by companies like IBM, Bank of America, Toyota Motor Sales, Shell Oil, Disney, and more. Dr. Neen has been training leaders of leaders for 20 years. From youth leaders to adults, from the private sector to community organizations, Dr. Neen's Think It, Do It!® techniques have transformed thousands of lives.

* To help you make sure you don't miss anything, we use an automated system to place reminder calls within an hour of the event. Unfortunately, toll-free exchanges, some cell phones, and other phone numbers may not work with this system, but if you enter a number we'll try to reach you.Our automated system can not dial extensions.

You cannot afford to miss this call!
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