Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Taking Pets to Work by Dianne Gubin

Tip of the Week
by Dianne Gubin

Taking Pets to Work -- Good or Bad?

Taking pets to work can be great for morale. We all love our pets, but what are the pros and cons?

It's usually easier to take your dog to work if you are employed by a smaller company. And it's usually a dog that comes to the office - more than other pets. Dogs relieve stress. Have you had an uncomfortable meeting with your boss? Pet your dog and all is right in your world.

Dogs are conversation starters. Take your dog on a walk out of the office and you'll meet everyone in your building. And you never know who you're going to meet!

Therapeutic guide animals have long been allowed in public places, helping their owners navigate the world.

Dogs are universally loved, or are they?

Dogs can slow down productivity in the office because they need attention. You're playing with the dog, someone else in playing with the dog, or the dog needs to be walked.

Dogs marked their territory. If another dog has been in our office, your dog might leave "a present" to establish ownership.

Not everyone likes dogs and, in fact, some people are afraid of dogs. And how does it sound to your important client when you're on the phone and your dog decides to bark at a delivery person?

And some people are allergic to dogs. Unless your dog is short-haired and hypoallergenic, you'll most likely have some fur to clean up. Better keep Benadryl at the office.

And then there's favoritism. Can everyone bring a pet to work? What if you have a pet other than a dog, such as a cat, ferret, snake, or tarantula?

The cons absolutely outweigh the pros; however, it is so delightful and so joyous to have a pet at work, that if your office allows it, it's a great perk.

Personally, although I love having my dogs at the office, they are far too high maintenance and I feel so much better knowing that they are home and happily barking at strangers.
Patty De says: We have "desk cats" and three always outdoor dogs. Each is happiest in their own element and when they can share time with us. I know that gently caring for animals has proven to lower blood pressure. I hope you have a pet too!

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