Thursday, April 16, 2009

Murad S. Mirza Offering a Great New Products & Services by EPIC Software Corp.

Just Imagine, Talent Management As it was Meant To Be…

This is a special announcement for Employers and HR Professionals. Free Whitepaper Repository please read this article if you have key management responsibilities. P.D.

EPIC Software Corporation provides web-based business solutions, programs and professional services that make our clients more productive and profitable. We provide a business case in every proposal and deliver measurable and sustainable cost savings to our clients. Depending on the specific products, modules and services a client selects, we can provide our web-based solutions for as low as $1.00 per Employee per month - this makes us very unpopular with vendors who consider themselves to be our competitors.

EPIC Software Corporation’s core team obtained its’ baseline experience by implementing local and global enterprise large-scale Tier 1 HR ERP solutions. It was that very experience that made the EPIC Software's founders embark on a quest to find a better way - resulting in solutions that leverage a clients previous investments in people, processes, documentation and technology; produce an extreme, measurable and sustainable Return On Investment; and convert a workforce into a more effective and efficient strategic business asset. Whether your interest is a "vanilla" or a customized solution, On-Demand or On-Site, your solution is waiting for you.

We understand business. Whether our client consists of 7 employees in the Call Centre of a local Utility company, a small to medium size business growing and needing to scale its’ workforce tools, or a large multi-national corporation looking for an alternative to the high cost of updating an outdated ERP system to support employees and new acquisitions around the globe - we can help.With the Internet chosen as the IT backbone and service delivery conduit, a handful of very basic non-negotiable business capabilities were used to define the initial design of the EPIC Suite - and in fact all products developed and/or implemented by EPIC Software Corporation.

Specific business drivers and considerations were used to shape the end-user experience, considerations such as: speed to implementation; security around employee data; extremely fast load and response times; leveraging client's previous investments in technology, processes and people; and creating a product that was so elegantly simple to use that new end-users could be expected to be productive within 1 hour of using the system for the first time. Period.

Veterans of hundreds of engagements, we have found innovative and cost-effective ways to assist our clients become more profitable. We consider the work we do to be on the cutting edge of common sense. We also recognize however, in a world of slick marketing brochures, fast talking sales people, vapor wear, and un-kept promises that common sense is not all that common any more - we consider trust to be a verb. We engage our clients in a robust client confidentiality agreement to ensure we protect the integrity of their business, organization, people and technology.

While our thought-leadership has been published in Harvard journals and is regularly referred to by organizations like NASA and The US Federal Reserve Bank, our real focus, however, is making organizations and people more productive for less cost. We have over 25,000 subscribers to the free Whitepaper Repository on our website,

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