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David Harder Founder of Inspired Work Makes a VERY Special Offer for NNWOW Readers

Please read below, past his article for a very special offer from David Harder.

David Harder on YOUR CAREER DNA....

What are YOU made of?

Most of us are born with a deep inner need to contribute.
In the more recent workplace, many of us became haunted by this desire to contribute, to "be" something and to make a difference in a world that clearly needs solutions. We long to have a profound experience of life motivated by listening and responding to a voice that has been speaking to us since birth. It could be the voice of divine inspiration. Some of us wait until adulthood to honor the message of a high road and when we do, our entire life changes - for the good. When we choose to honor our unique imprint and address the point: "Why am I here?" Risk comes after us no matter what! Isn't this clear now? The risk is there even if we are working in jobs that have little meaning. When we actually give our unique answer to "Why am I here?" Risk often just seems more apparent because we no longer fit into the herd.

There is no greater influence to give up on our highest good than in the economy.
This is a mistake. Consuming and hoarding didn't work. Great economies have and will continue to emerge from great workers with great ideas and with great value. In the media, there is a significant message to lower our expectations. No. This is the time to raise them. We've been conditioned to pursue security first and forget that our spirit told us to seek a greater experience, a more vast life is here waiting to be driven by our own scripts. Many of us had role models that taught us to be selfish and that no matter what, security came first. Now, it might be time to get past security! Perhaps we could use today's fears to run at a greater speed towards the light. Perhaps it is time to honor and become more loyal to career DNA that exists in our souls. We don't get ahead. We get what we already are.

There is a terrific article in the current Atlantic entitled, "How the Crash will Reshape America." In it, the Stanford economist Paul Romer said, "A crisis is a terrible thing to waste." The United States, has seldom wasted its crises in the past. On the contrary, it has used them, time and again, to reinvent itself, clearing away the old and making way for the new. Perhaps it is time to bless what is taking place and clear away the old and make way for what is within each one of us - to present that value anew.

It is vital that we respond ...... David Harder

A few words from the participants in our programs:

"I came to the weekend feeling very uncertain about which career direction to follow, but left the weekend with a wonderful belief in myself as an educator. Two weeks later, I took the training program in my new position. How's that for fast?"

Karon Wright - Lee Hecht Harrison

"My wife Sandi and I participated in the Inspired Work Program this past year. Sandi had served as a senior executive with Bugle Boy Industries, which was closing its doors- - her only employer for 23 years! The program gave her the confidence to define and find a position more fulfilling, exciting and profitable than ever. My film production company, Metafilmics, is growing more rapidly and the program introduced me to people who will be friends for life. Anyone who wants to get the most out of their work out to run - no walk to this program. The insights are that powerful."

Barnet Bain - Founder of Metafilmics

"I have covered so much territory around these subjects (career / motivation / business) over the years that I find myself a little cynical. I think your program is contemporary, to the point, insightful, engaging, thought provoking, informative, supportive, well short, great work!"

Boyd Wilat - Founder Harper House (Dayrunner) and Wilat Writing Instruments (Sensa)


Dear Patty,

The following offer applies to any friends & clients of Inspired Work, Mack & Associates, PRC, Decision Toolbox & Greenlight Jobs:

Until April 30th, I will be giving 1/2 Hour Complimentary Consultations to anyone who wants to bring a business challenge or problem to the table. If you want to discuss how our programs can serve you - that will be your call! This offer is on a first come basis and is truly about problem solving. Every word is confidential.

Please e-mail David Harder []
two available time to have a chat and you have my commitment,
we'll discuss career challenges, employee problems, the economy,
how to get more sales - whatever is relevant to you.

As the founder of Inspired Work, I've facilitated over 30,000 professionals in reaching immediate breakthroughs in their careers, their success, personal branding and in building effective support systems. Inspired Sales has assisted thousands in having an immediate transformation in the profits of virtually every participant. It is an especially valuable tool for conducting world-class interviews.

Our Program Dates:

The Inspired Sales Program

Los Angeles April 30 & May 13

Chicago May 7

The Inspired Work Program

Los Angeles May 1 & 2

Chicago May 8 & 9

All the best from the team at Inspired Work!

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