Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dianne Gubin Offers Tips for Nailing a CALL Back for 2nd Interview & Seminars and Support for Job Hunters

Tip of the Week
by Dianne Gubin

Nailing the Second Job Interview

Companies are scrutinizing potential candidates more closely than ever. Often the interview process is initiated with a phone screening, followed by an invitation to interview in person. It's not unusual today for a candidate to then be brought back for a second round of interviews.

Second interviews are opportunities to confirm a technical and personality match before making a hiring decision.

Here are five tips to move from second interview to offer:

1) Wear the consultant hat. What are the key challenges of the role? Focus the interview on how you can make both the hiring manager and the company more successful.

2) Be low maintenance. Stress punctuality, attention to detail, eagerness to lean and appreciation for the opportunity.

3) Watch that what you say you do best is congruent with the requirements of the position. It's easy to talk hiring managers out of hiring you.

4) Ask for the job. Companies need to hear verbally that a candidate is interested in their position.

5) Think about moving in. If not brought up earlier, ask questions about the physical location in which you will be working. For example, if appropriate, ask for a tour or ask to see where your desk will be.

Interviewing is a learned skill. Tech Exec Partners is committed to your success. We know that it's a tough job market and we want to help you.

Looking for a new job? How long will it take?

The Job Hunting Game

A Workshop for Your Success

Geared towards professionals in all industries!
Let's get you back to work!

Two day hands-on workshop designed to quickly get you back to work!
Exclusive invitation to have your interview style reviewed by internal corporate recruiters from leading companies.
Invitation to join Weekly Support Group for ongoing support and accountability.
The workshop culminates in an exclusive invitation to participate in a mock interview session in front of a panel of recruiters from major local corporations and educational institutions. Session to be held shortly following the workshop.

WHEN: Mon and Tues - May 4th & 5th

TIME: 9AM to 3:30PM

VENUE: Jobing.com office
12100 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025

VALUE: Registration includes two-day workshop, invitation to corporate recruiter interview panel, and invite to weekly support group

OUT OF AREA? We've had a number of calls from out of area attendees. The venue is within driving distance of both LAX and Burbank airports. If there is enough interest we can engage a block of hotel rooms.



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