Saturday, January 3, 2009

SALLY in the Middle East, January 3, 2009

Here's more about our friend Sally, American living in Kuwait:

I have my Bachelor's of Science degree with a strong specialty from a prestigous University in the USA.

My home town is San Francisco, California so I am accustomed to a great climate, smart people and lots of opportunities. I also have my MBA in Accounting and Finance from an east coast Graduate school.

Just today, I have sent my resume to a boutique PE firm based in San Francisco in which the Manager is presently in China. It is for an Analyst position in which I would be able to fulfill this position virtually while here in Egypt. This Manager, whom I had met through LinkedIN, is going to put in for me to get this position along with his recommendation. I will let you know if I do end up getting this position which would be optimal.

Sally's latest experiences using Linked In and working Virtually in the middle east


Anonymous said...

Sally wants any leads or suggestions as to how she can find accounting work in the middle east. She is an American, permanent resident in Egypt.

Anonymous said...

"Where will you be relocating to Dubai from? I have friends there in which I have been wanting to visit there for some time now. It is such a beautiful place with many opportunities. What business are you seeking to start there? I do wish you the best!"

Anonymous said...

This going to be interesting. Let's see if a professional woman who is not native can really get a job in the that part of the (male dominated) world!