Monday, January 26, 2009

Check Out Your Potential Not For Profit Employer OnLine Using GuideStar

Guide Star Resources are Still Free

Using GuideStar
A basic GuideStar membership is for users who want to verify a nonprofit's legitimacy, learn whether a contribution will be tax deductible, view a nonprofit's recent Forms 990, or find out more about its mission, programs, and finances. Thanks to the generosity of a number of foundations, access to GuideStar's basic service is available for free users. Just log in and start searching, or view the demo.

GuideStar Premium, Designed for professional users, from financial firms to philanthropic foundations, GuideStar Premium unleashes the full power of GuideStar. Our most robust and user-friendly search tool helps you spend less time searching and more time analyzing. And now you can download organization information to use in Excel (and other programs), and also search our database for individuals by name. GuideStar Premium gives you our most in-depth reports on 1.7 million nonprofits. Save time while finding everything you need, from financial data and historic filings to EINs (Employer Identification Numbers).

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It's a Fabulous resource for investigating any not for profit organization!