Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quality will Survive and Prosper, Al Walsh

Patty's Note:

I asked for suggestions about how people can get through these challenging times. No one seems immune from layoffs, cut backs, reduced work weeks. We know this is not the end of the world, but it is indeed a NEW New World of Work

Al Walsh, Financial Executive & Consultant

Quality will survive and prosper.
Mediocrity will fail.

That's been the way of the world for time immemorial. Most people are followers, and can't see beyond the mundane aspects of their lives. Quality people are always looking beyond themselves. They can't help it. It's like an uncontrollable itch, and they naturally tend to rise into leadership. Unfortunately, they're a rare group.

America came out of WWII the leader of the world; a world that had largely been destroyed, and which we rebuilt. Almost any "fool" could start a business in those days and succeed; often despite themselves. We had the world by the tail. But, hark, along comes the rest of the rebuilt world to compete with us; and they are operating on a much simpler & cheaper model.

I think America's in shock.

We still long for the "good old days." While we were asleep, we let so much advantage slip away that we'll have hell to pay getting it back.

Small companies have to operate lean & mean just to survive, so they're farther up on the curve. But they can't drive the whole economy. Big business has lapsed into a form of bloated, bureaucratic, unresponsive existence akin to our pathetic socialist government.

In order to turn things around, it's going to take a whole bunch of individuals making daily efforts to change the culture.
Leaders need to lead the charge. Failure is not an option.

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