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The NEW New World of Work by Patty DeDominic

The NEW New World of Work

My book is meant as a resource for new college grads and mid life Career Navigators. Career Navigators are anyone who has been working for a while and is seeking more meaningful or better paying work. An unintended Career Navigator might also be someone who is now unemployed after being laid off.

In the book we discuss the following:

What is the NEW New World of Work?
What does it mean today?

The dynamic forces changing the way we make a living and build companies are beginning to look like an Economic Tsumani. As seen in a recent Microsoft television commercial, enterprises must catch that wave or become residue washed up on a deserted beach somewhere.

Jobs are disappearing before our eyes, industries are dying. Evolution and Darwin's theories of survival of the fittest demonstrate it's cruelty daily. Communities, even entire states are having to reinvent themselves.
Who would have thought that even the State of California could find itself evaluating bankruptcy as an option?

The lack of job security is causing some people personal crisis, desperation and gives birth to a whole new way at looking at life.

It's time to take control of your career. You can navigate but it requires skillful sailing and a big network.

The potential for real loss of basic wage levels could cause starting salaries for new college grads to go down by about 20-30% in the next couple years. Laid off former managers and executives are now accepting jobs at half their former salary just to stay in the game. The factors driving these changes include the credit crunch of course but they are substantially affected by Globalism, communication, real time informationa and improvements in productivity and technology. Increased consumer demand for lower prices in a fast food "I want it now" society push companies to their brink. And, the enterprises better deliver or there is a competitor breathing down your neck to do it instead of your employer if you are not just in time.

Another chapter deals with the importance of lifelong learning… skills enhancement and retooling.

Your real wages will go down every few years if your skill sets do not go up!

With a 20% unemployment/underemployment rate here in the USA we are headed in the coming months for The Great Jobs Crash of 2009.

I don't want to leave you in fear for your paychecks....but I do want to get your attention. Read the comments below to learn more about the contents of my new book. Patty De

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Patty De said...

The NEW New World of Work

My book is meant as a resource for new college grads and mid life career navigators.

What is the NEW New World of Work? What does it mean today?

The Great Jobs Crash of 2009 will change us all.

It's going to be even more important to Prepare Yourself.

Invest in YOU, Incorporated

Keeping current on trends in your community and your industry.

The book also talks about the importance of being resilient…and flexible to capture opportunities as they may fly past you.

Important is also your professional image and your personal branding. How do you want to be remembered? As a complainer or as a problem resolver?

Building YOUR Network, the importance of personal and professional networks,
Social networks and their value - Like Linked In, Facebook, MySpace and others

Tapping the Hidden Job market-

Identifying your strengths, finding your passion and leveraging your Gifts

The New Hire Process, monster, ads, referrals, linked in, Craig’s list
Dream Jobbers

Maintaining and Maximizing the Job you Have
How to spend your 1,440 (number of minutes in each day)
Importance of Life Long education

Helping those who have lost their jobs….
What to do
Where to get added support and help
Attitude and state of mind

Resources, Websites & Other Tools

What’s coming up?
Predictions for the future,
Economic climate
What you need to do to prepare yourself

We'll also include some beautiful stories about people like Annie Crawley, of California, an underwater film maker and Greg Baker of Kansas.

Some people seem to find their calling early in life. Others take time to grow into their dream jobs, as if their life’s experiences prepared the best place for them. Sometimes you may not recognize that fate is pulling you in a direction of your gifts until you see the success reflected in the programs and people you work with. So, for me, having a dream job is not about how much money you make or being famous, it’s about being able to make a living where our unique talents are appreciated and leveraged.

When people can indeed utilize their special gifts and find work that gives them a great deal of satisfaction and feeds their soul, it’s a truly beautiful thing. In this chapter, we will explore the career paths of a few people who I believe are living their callings and involved in dream jobs.

Gregory Baker, who is the Manager of Diversity at Bombardier LearJet, is one of those people who I consider to have a dream job, given his strengths and interests. The term “dream job” is one which describes a person doing work that calls to their head and heart. Greg feels now that his skills and gifts emerged in high school as an advocate. He has had a special gift to keep dialogues open, helped people see other perspectives, and made situations better ever since. With mathematics, information technology training, engineering and design in his background, he has found ways to utilize his skills in highly technical environments, yet still follow his calling as an advocate for people and a champion for what’s right.

These are just a few of the things you'll find in my new book, The NEW New World of Work. I hope you enjoy!