Friday, January 30, 2009

Biggest Mistakes of Top Managers, Get Out of that Bubble!

Interviews with a Global Perspective

Murad S. Mirza, MBA
International Consultant

We asked 38 year old Murad a number of questions in the past few weeks and will share some of his wisdom gained as a business consultant who has committed himself to continued education and high standards of excellence.

Q: What do you see at the Biggest Mistakes of Top Managers?
A: 1. Refusing to listen within the organization and paying heed to the outside business environment
2. Lethargy in taking timely preventive or corrective action

3. Infected with the attitude of "I know best"

4. Living in a 'Bubble' where everything seems fine

5. Inability to identify the true stakeholders and failing to cater to their needs & expectations

6. Protecting the 'Sinners'

7. Leading with unbridled power

8. Adherence to the 'Divide & Rule' policy

9. Dismissing strengths of the competitors or devising ineffective strategies to meet their challenges

10. Living in the Past or being content with the Present without planning for the future

11. Being content with 'Surviving' and not pushing for 'Prospering'

12. Ignoring the 'Human Factor'

Thank you Murad. You can see by his experience and education that he "walks his talk". Some of his accomplishments include
· Master of Industrial Relations & Human Resource Management (Distinction)
University of Sydney, Australia

· Certified Six Sigma Black Belt
Singapore Quality Institute, Singapore
· MBA in General Management & Marketing (Top 1/3 of Class)
Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Pakistan

· Post Graduate Diploma in Quality Management
National University of Science & Technology (NUST), Pakistan
B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering
Northern Arizona University, USA

Current Status
Management Consultant to clients facilitated through the Society of Industrial Leaders, Gerson Lehrman Group Financial & Business Services Council and ki work. Active facilitator, researcher and contributor to professional forums in disseminating practical knowledge pertaining to the resolution of strategic & operational issues related to Organizational Development, Change Management and Performance Management.

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