Thursday, January 1, 2009

BioSciences is Growing Exponentially Fredric Abramson on Leadership

Dr. Fredric Abramson
CEO & Educator on Leadership

We Asked Dr. Abramson about TRUE Leadership

I'm struck by what I see as confusion between an individual taking action and someone taking action AND pointing the way for others.
A leader is out in front. A leader knows that bullets come from two directions: in front and from the back.
A leader realizes it is not about him/her but about the ability and opportunity to get others to act in a coherent, cohesive action.
A leader sees chaos and finds paths to sanity.
A leader is in the middle of playing the game, and doesn't ask anyone to do what he/she wouldn't do.A leader sees "a" future, commits to move towards that future, and works to enlist others to join him/her in reaching that future.
A leader knows that perfection is an illusion, and adjusts as the world changes.
A leader realizes that competition can do things better, and that beating the competition is to be even better. A leader doesn't have to con people with platitudes and clever sayings.
Just some personal thoughts. I agree that we have to retake control of our country.
I also believe we have to retake control of our own lives.
Do you really believe that other people know what's best for you?
If you don't, why do you follow their advice blindly?

About Fredric Abramson PhD., S.M., Esq.
Founder and CEO of Alpha Genics

AlphaGenics was formed to commercialize genomics science with scientifically-based products aimed at the consumer lifestyle market. Consumer lifestyle includes physical appearance, mental performance, dating, and identity security. We leverage the extraordinary technological advances taking place in biotechnology, computers and telecommunications that now enable businesses to develop and deliver focused, personalized products wrapped around a person’s normal genes.

His education includes University of Michigan (Ph.D., Human Genetics), MIT (Master of Science in Management; Alfred P. Sloan Fellow), University of Rochester (M.S. Biology), University of Pennsylvania (A.B. Mathematical Biology) and American University (J.D., 1987), and is admitted to the United States patent bar and the bar of the United States Supreme Court.

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