Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Power of The Internet to Educate and Enrich


Use the power of the internet to educate yourself and enrich your life.

Ever wondered about something and weren't sure where to go?
Get on the internet and start searching.

The internet has provided an explosion of information dissemination on a scale previously unheard of - and it's growing daily at a phenomenal rate. There is information to be had on virtually any topic. Sometimes you have to be a little persistent and clever with your search, but the rewards are there.

It's a grand "living encyclopedia".

It's painless, it's free, it's fun, and it only requires some of your time. Everyone's got a computer nowadays. Is yours just collecting dust? I'm not advocating that you become an internet junkie, but if you're not using it regularly your missing out on a great resource.

Of course, there's no replacement for formal education and accreditations. But if you just have an arm-chair curiosity, or want to get a leg up, or need help on a fine point, go to the internet. Even on complex professional or technical subjects, I've found internet resources that have been tremendously helpful. You can now even get a formal education or accreditation on the internet; and the trend is growing.

There are many sources who provide informed articles and advice on countless topics - free for the taking. I write articles on Business, Economics, Career, and related subjects on my own blog site, and as guest-author on others.

If you're reading this article, then you already have some sense of the power of the internet.
Use it to full benefit, and you will enrich your life & career.

Naturally, you have to exercise your own discretion in choosing information. Just as with all other human media, there is bad information out there, and there are those who have nefarious motives. A good dose of common sense will guide you past them.

I recently wrote an article in which I suggested that readers obtain a book of quotes by famous people to assist them with their oral and written communications. The internet serves the same purpose - and much more.

You can enrich your mind, improve your vocabulary, and strengthen your performance in all career and life respects by utilizing the resources that the internet has to offer.

I cannot emphasize enough the power that is at your beck and call.

Kids understand this. They embrace technology easily, and use it to advantage. Our foreign friends understand too. They crave knowledge, and often don't have the wealth or resources at hand for traditional education. If they can find a computer somewhere that has internet access, the have the knowledge of the world laid out at their feet. I've found that some of my most avid readers are people of other nations who crave knowledge. Good for them!

I met my wife on the internet. Marrying her was the best decision I've ever made.
Without the internet, we would have never met. We lived 100 miles apart at the time.
We're now into our 5th year of a delightful marriage.
(Administrators note - Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Walsh!!)

I use the internet daily; both to disseminate and gather information. You should too.
It's the best "self-help guide" ever created. Then there's the added benefit of using the internet to meet up with people like Patty DeDominic, who I mention often and contribute articles to for her site. Without the power of the internet, we probably never would have met; and that would be my great loss. (Admin here again, thank you Al!)

If you've been holding back, don't wait any longer. Jump on the bandwagon.
The internet is by people, for people.

Al Walsh, Owner/Founder, Walsh Enterprises, Business Advisors

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Anonymous said...

The picture on this article was sent to me just yesterday by Michelle Meszaros, who "found" me on the Internet.

She is a beautiful example of a young woman who uses the internet to pursue her dream job. Michelle wants to start a social enterprise to continue her work in Peru. She helps micro businesses and show them how to grow their small businesses and she uses the internet to help make a market for their beautiful handicrafts.