Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Good Advice for ANY Day from Armando Estrada


by Armando Estrada
Armando Estrada

Editors note:   Mr. Estrada is a long time client, first as a director at the Los Angeles Housing Authority where he worked as a manager.  Later he was HR Director at a number of very large Los Angeles area firms including Bocchi Labs one of the largest manufacturers in Southern California.     He currently writes and shares daily inspiration with a large following.     He is recovering from some very servious health challenges as you will be able to tell from reading his letter from last Monday night.  His advice and shared wisdom is always inspirational to me.   I wanted to share this letter with you today.   PD

 Lately I've been having a pretty rough time dealing with rather serious, discomforting and painful health issues along with the frustration and depression that accompany these things that have incapacitated me.


Lately, I haven't even sent out the Daily Motivators. Unfortunately life has been kind of flat for me. I didn't think I could possibly write anything worth sharing with you so I poured myself a cup of cinnamon coffee and sat in my patio to enjoy the night and the beautifully lit multi colored solar butterflies and humming birds that shine brightly in my patio. So I said to myself, "This is the perfect time to write, it will get me out of this slump." The following is what I wrote:



Happiness is not in getting more, but in wanting less and appreciating it. In wanting less you actually receive more - more joy, more contentment, more gratefulness.

I hope this reaches you and touches your heart because I desperately need to fill my heart and my spirit with what I've just written.

The greatest happiness you can have is knowing that you made a loved one happy.

A caring mind like a kind heart need not travel far to be appreciated by others.

It's not a bad thing to be strong in many ways while being kind and fragile in how you treat others.

    Like your shadow, your dreams lengthen and diminish when you just let them fade away.

      Self-confidence and honesty are a great 1-2 combination: Confidence in your ability and Honesty in owning up to your mistakes instead of covering up by blaming others.

        Positive people concentrate on winning, (fair & square) - they don't concentrate on not losing.

        Everything worthwhile in life has a price - not in money, but in sacrifice, effort and commitment.

        It's 11:00 P.M., I didn't drink my coffee but I sure drank a lot of pleasure and enjoyment in appreciating the beauty of God's gift of life.



        Already I feel the Loving touch of Jesus in letting me know that whatever comes I am under His Love and Protection and that the frustration and depression that I've allowed to overcome me will disappear if I put myself in His Loving care as I have this evening...


        -Armando Estrada-



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