Monday, July 9, 2012

Women In Business, Breaking the Glass Ceiling comments by Patty DeDominic

Thanks to Vanja one of the Life Moments Interns for finding this important infographic on women's progress in breaking the glass ceiling.       Women's data shows they made great strides in all areas, but have not yet reached parity.     If you are observing this it is simply interesting.   If you are a high achieving woman, just remember that Ginger Rogers had to do everything that Fred Astair did, but she needed to do it while dancing backwards and in high heels!  

Keep your sense of humor and tredge on!   Surround yourself with the positive and successful people who feed your sould and who understand the power of reciprocity.    You will find that life in business has extraordinary ups and downs as its normal cycles go on.  

Building your personal or employers brand strong reputation as a professional is critical for success in todays chaotic climate.    Your resources will come from many angles and your resourceful creativity will pay off.

Patty DeDominic
Author, Business Coach
Santa Barbara, California


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