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Leading Virtual Teams by Patty DeDominic

Patty DeDominic
Santa Barbara Business Coach
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Leading Virtual Teams

A Virtual Business Coach, Patty DeDominic

Learning to be a better leader of yourself and others is essential in business and life.  Our friends and business colleagues are now spread world wide and some people feel that communicating is as easy as skype or an email.  Some feel its that simple and others find it easier to simply "check out" of the 21 century electronics altogether.     Is Communication easier now a days?

is it really?

The world is revolving around teams of people on projects.   Global NGO's, corporate giants and small business joint ventures all rely on teams spread outin differing work environments, sometimes all over the world. Some are much more effective than others. How do they do it?

How does a skilled leader cause
people on different time zones to
work together and collaborate for effective outcomes? 

  •  Planning, communicating and remaining flexible for creative spontaneous solutions helps. So does continuing your education on and off the job.     I believe the best learning comes by doing combined with skills building exercises, wise mentors and teachers.  Projects build experience, connections and skills.


Do you know the keys to successfully managing a virtual team?

  • Dispersed workforces are today's norm, and while virtual teams are similar to traditional teams, you can no longer rely upon the communication and team building that occurs naturally in face-to-face environments.

As a leader of virtual teams, you must take deliberate actions to build productive teamwork.

The digital age is changing how we work, play, communicate; even how we think.  Don't let the digital divide cost you success in all you do.  Virtual teams and the digital age is an exciting frontier that rewards those who leverage the power that it presents. Competing in the new environment will require higher levels of competence. While it may seem challenging to keep up with the pace of technology, the good news is that tools are evolving so quickly that they are easier to learn and use than ever before. You can learn almost anything you want to on line at http://www.lynda.com/ or at http://www.ehow.com/    Many new "competitors" are springing up monthly and google and microsoft continue to compete in the arenas of making your life easier on line. 

Decide to be more fluent in RESULTS-SPEAK!

 Business Coaches and many psychology experts agree that fluency in results, effectiveness as a habit combined with a desire to bring your EQ higher  (emotional quotient, not just IQ) grows your people skills and your professional success.  These people skills applied in a virtual world with scalable systems can catapult your success.   You don't have to be perfect, you just have to be better than your competition!

Virtual Teams are here to stay.   Yoda, or traditional mentors at work are few and far between.  You do need help and you can find help on line and in mastermind groups or seminars, webinars or with a business coach.

There are key success factors for leading virtual teams.  Communication, in all forms, in person, via skype, on social media and on the phone are all important factors.
  •    Clear Goals, combined with clearly defined roles and responsibilities will help  you succeed. 
  • Touch Base often and agree on the means and frequency of reconnection.
  • Fix your eyes on the PRIZE yet remain flexible and Adjust Plans as needed.
If you would like more help with leading virtual teams, please call our office for a free consultation.
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Or Attend this Webinar on line:

Leading Virtual Teams is part of the Keys To Success Webinar Series

At the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

• Identify the five success factors for leading virtual teams.

• Discuss the prevailing myths associated with leading a virtual team and tips for overcoming them.

• Define the skill set especially important to virtual team members.

• Identify actions to take and tools to use to ensure communication and team building occurs.





This webinar provides an introduction to the tools and attitudes necessary for effectiveness in the digital age.









July 30, 2012

11am to 12pm Eastern Time

Aug 24, 2012

11am to 12pm Eastern Time




























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