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YOU DESIRE INSPIRATION IN YOUR CAREER, Reach Out and Grab It. YOU CAN make it happen! by Patty DeDominic


For Individuals

The Inspired Work Program promises renewal,
 a spotlight on all of your options and a "watershed" realization
 in how to make the most of the person you've become.

 The Inspired Work Program is an immersive two-day experience that treats work as a relationship rich with options and possibilities. Through a revolutionary Socratic process you literally design what you want out of life today, you connect more deeply with your unique gifts and you get a practical roadmap that pulls it all together. The solution-based outcomes provide a unique roadmap for every participant.

 Over 40,000 participants have used the program

 We've studied the relationship towards work for over twenty-one years

 The skills to develop a great relationship with any profession are quickly learnable

For More Information, Please call David Harder in Los Angeles: (310) 277-4850 and tell him that Patty DeDominic suggested you attend his excellent program.   I know you won't regret it!  Patty DeDominic,   Santa Barbara Business Coach  

Check out these testimonials:

"As a long term human resource executive, I have assisted hundreds of employees who face the challenges and trauma of losing a job. A few years ago, it was time for me to make a change and end a long employment relationship. The Inspired Work Program helped me move beyond the emotional challenges into defining what was right and sound and true for me. My professional life has only continued to grow and become more satisfying."

 Barbara Chardavoyne – Vice President, Human Resources, Fox Broadcasting Company

“Twenty years ago, The Inspired Work Program helped me discover what I needed to do to break out of a rut and get into something much more creative and fulfilling. My current success owes much to the techniques they taught me I encourage people to experience this as early in their lives as possible - it changed mine."

 Michael Browning - President - Bluewater Learning


Use The Inspired Work Program to:

 Develop immediate breakthroughs in your career and your life
 Elevate a career transition into a life-changing turning-point

 Make your work about more than earning a living - make it part of a great life
 Gain skill sets that will support you throughout your career and personal



For Organizations

The single greatest challenge in business today is that over 80% of America's workers don't like what they do for a living. Employee surveys, management training and personality profiles are all helpful. But, overall, this statistic hasn't changed in thirty years.

The Inspired Work Program is the world's leading resource for building employee engagement where it belongs: Within each and every worker.

For two days, intact teams are led into an immersive experience as each participant designs what they want out of their life, what is in the way and the skills they need to become fully responsible and engaged business partners. Everyone becomes involved in a conversation that is based on the kind of managed disclosures that lead to personal and collective breakthroughs. Over 90% of program graduates characterize the program as "life changing." Managers witness their own team crafting a new workplace that is based on telling the truth, supporting each other and creating a collective environment that is an inspired place to work. The Program is a rigorous and informing experience. When individual and collective truth becomes the norm, non-engagement has no place to hide.

Organizations use The Inspired Work Program to produce:

 Unparalleled engagement and unity
 Renewal of teams that have gone through the intense course of change and to the launch of new teams on the best of footings
 Develop leadership at every level of the workplace

“Their unique content is focused on whole person development. They help individuals and organizations develop newer, healthier relationships that result in greater engagement and productivity. I recommend them to executives who have the courage to address the attract/develop/retain challenge with new thinking, new tools and a new language.”

Glenn Rosen – Director

Global Talent Development – Coca Cola

“I personally attended several Inspired Work offerings and have since sent my entire team though The Inspired Work Program. Integrity, inspiration and intelligence are the foundation of their work."

Kim Shepherd - President

Decision ToolBox, Inc.


Inspired Work – Los Angeles: (310) 277-4850 - New York: (646) 200-5902

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