Thursday, June 21, 2012

Increase Your Organizations EQ and Effectiveness, Find More Time to Do What Really Matters with the Right Coach

WHY Coaching is Effective and a Great Business Investment
Patty DeDominic

There is a rising demand for coaching core competency as part of organizational development.
 Coaching has been identified through recent research as a skill that:

 • Enhances emotional intelligence– now a critical aspect of leadership
 • Assists in dealing with ambiguity

 • Increases performance levels

 • Expands creativity in developing solutions

• Teaches people how to be in a real time situation and not locked into mechanics or relying on outdated systems or philosophies.
  • Gives a focus on goals and successful tactics as part of a larger business strategy
  • Gives a knowledeable sounding board for business decisions and story development

Patty DeDominic has been a professional coach and a CEO for over 20 years.  Patty and her firm have helped over 250,000 people,  yes, that's right, over a quarter of a million people!    Her company and team have worked with Chambers of Commerce, educational institutions, governments and private enterprises to effectively coach  and enable positive change. In order to become an effective coach, people must learn how to let go of their own agenda and listen to really understand another person’s frame of mind or world view; learn to ask powerful questions from a place of curiosity, and rely on another person to take full ownership and accountability to create what they want.

 DeDominic and her team have received Congressional and U. S. Dept of Labor and US Small Business Administration awards, proclamations and honors over the past decades.    
Coaching is here to last!    

 According to the American Management Association, this type of professional development is not a fad. It is a strong trend that has been building over the last 10 years resulting in almost 50% of companies in the U.S. having already implemented some type of coaching program.   According to the American Management Association, 37% of the remaining businesses says they are planning to start in the near future.


•  Systems developed at Harvard University, Berkeley and in the trenches as well as collaborations with national coaching and training organizations to assure excellent outcomes in coaching

• Training delivered by master coaches with successful  businesses

• Live and high-impact learning weekends with coaching and feedback

• Extensive coach training workbook, powerful live presentations and webinars

• Coaching “tool kit” and templates to fulfill coaching standards and practices

• One-on-one coaching and feedback to lock in learning     Coaches and Consultants to High Achieving People

We have delivered our training programs on site to specific organizations and their leadership teams. We also have an open enrollment curriculum scheduled each year for participants attending from across the country.

  DeDominic & Associates and the Pure Business Team  is committed to providing results-based, revolutionary training that creates positive change throughout our business world and beyond. With experienced coaches and facilitators we are known as masters of  training and providing the highest level of educational value for thousands of individuals worldwide, results are guaranteed.

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