Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thinking About Your Own Business? Your Business Plan....

  • Thinking about Your Own Business?

    Patty DeDominic, ISS Certified (Institutional shareholders services)
    past president, National Association of Women Business Owners
    former chair, Foundation for SCORE.org

    In my new book, JOBS2.0, The NEW New World of Work we talk about
    many different job opportunities, including franchises and entrepreneurship.
    You will want to develop a good business plan for your own career development as well.
    If you have a good plan for your job search it will make finding the next job opportunity easier.
    I will write more about your personal job search plan future articles and there is plenty
    of good advice in this blog in previous articles, many written by national experts.

    What about you if you are thinking about starting your OWN Business?
    Well, your job search or career plan might go so far as to become the business plan for your new business. Each is different obviously, but each starts out with your key goals in mind.

    Below I will list key components of a good business plan. Your own business plan for your career or business may of course look quite a bit different, but one of the most important things for you to do is to THINK about these issues, do some research and come to your own conclusions. Whether you want someone to hire you, to go to work for you or to fund you it helps to have the answers at hand and NOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP ON THE FLY.

    Entrepreneurs vs Managers..... Entrepreneurs are famous for doing this: Ready, FIRE, Aim where Managers frequently get accused of Aim, ready, aim, aim, meet, discuss and wait till someone tells them to Fire. Which are YOU?

    Executive Summary

    Mission and Goals

    Company Descriptions

    Management and Organization

    Long Term Development... How will you do it?

    Competitive and Industry Analysis

    Target Market

    Marketing Plan and Sales Strategy

    Beneift to Community and Shareholders

    These are the Key Topics addressed in a good business plan. I will explain more in next weeks article on business plans. Patty De http://www.dedominic.com/ Helping Achievers Soar!

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