Sunday, March 22, 2009

Profiling Karen Dempster, An Austrailian Change Leader

The name Creating Change encapsulates what I do, as a human-interaction, futures and "potentials-envisioner". The name reflects the anticipatory, entrepreneurial, innovative business operations, HR and consulting activities provided. We have a philosophy of driving proactive improvement, working as a consortium of skilled professionals, alone or together on short or long-term projects, nationally or internationally.

I have 30 years of corporate, government, non-profit and industrial management and am President of the AGSE Alumni Assoc. ( I hold the G.Cert in Entrepreneurship and am doing M.Mgt, Strategic Foresight.

I am also a mother of a 20 y.o. budding Software Engineer, & an 8 y.o. budding artist/conversationalist. I create strategic alliances and really useful networking connections as part of my integral behaviour.

The business has focused on HR, Instructional Design, Training Design, Facilitation services, and consulting in our areas of change through people and leadership. We each have areas of specialisation, which includes psychological services. I undertake some facilitation work, and will design customised programs. Primarily though I am involved in planning business interactions and/or organisational services that will work within foresight, writing and research, and lobbying for change. I have a strong interest in more work in the online area.

I am most pleased when I can create opportunities and links/develop others who achieve success, as part of my talents do seem to be the ability to define potential in people and businesses.

SpecialtiesStrategic thinking and facilitation of leadership and team developments, change management, global issues, foresight, creativity, innovation, project analysis, emotional intelligence, business coaching and diagnostic problem solving. Organisational psychological and psychometrics, counselling capabilities and broad-ranging HR services.

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