Sunday, March 22, 2009

DeDominic's 6 Tips for Staying Enthusiastic and Optimistic

How to Remain Optimistic and Positive During your Job Search!

· Think of your job search as the next phase of your personal education!
· Watch for danger signs like depression and lack of energy.
· It’s essential to find ways to give your batteries a recharge and remain enthusiastic.

· Pick Enthusiastic people to be around.
· Learn from Mentors.
· Now is the time to cultivate some new and re-activate some mature relationships!


Your job search may take a while to give you BETTER THAN AVERAGE RETURNS!

Prepare and decide what and how you want to spend this next phase of your professional career.

Like the graduation from high school to college or work….or undergrad to Graduate school each step of your Career Development is part of your Life time Education.

Higher earners today invest in themselves and their life time education.
You can't attain or retain your status as an an above average earner without continuous investment in your skills and connections.

If you haven’t been in school in a decade it’s time to rethink how you are educating yourself and this “market research” phase is an important preparation you invest in yourself. I am not saying here that you should plan to be out of work for a year…..but I am saying that rethinking how you prepare and present yourself will have payoffs in multiple ways.

It helps to re-frame the job search process.………
No One wants to search unsuccessfully for a job for a year or two…..
but if you made over $50,000 per year and it has been more than five years since you had to look for work, it is very likely that you might have a long process ahead of time. Might as well make the most of it.

Try this on for a “ Re-frame” :
……. Is One year too long to be in college?
How about a “fast course” in today’s economic realities and enhancing your own research about “who and what it out there in the real job market of today”? That time you spend diligently following up on job leads, meeting people and doing your home work will indeed be the research that could help you be a more effective contributor in your next job. That Is your research, or you "college of hard knocks" education from the street. Combined with your formal education and your ongoing professional network you will gain unbeatable advantage over those who remain passive.
Staying Power will require your creativity and is NOT Business as Usual!

Get your personal overhead as low as you can in order to buy optimum time before the financial (you know what) caves in.
Can you move in with family or friends?
Can you form a job leads club at church or at the local employment development department or on line?

Get in the right frame of mind.
Enthusiasm is contagious and for some of us, it must be practiced!

1. You are preparing YOURSELF.
This job search is an investment you are making in YOU, Incorporated. (Think “ME, INC”)
Remember, investments have a cost...... that is why they are called Investments, but the good ones always return MORE than you put in. Invest in Yourself!

Visualize yourself having MUCH more than you need and Practice being Grateful for everything that YOU do have. You’ll want to work on keeping yourself fresh and positive. Use Visualizations and goal settings. Science has proven that both visualization of abundance and the art of gratitude help both the mental and the physical symptoms of fatigue. This practice also helps you be on the alert for solutions, more cash flow and be grateful for what is already working.

2.GET expert Advice…….
(get the best advice, then relax a bit…knowing that you can’t think your
Way out of a recession, it takes TIME and a plan). Go to head hunters and ask for an appointment. Talk to them about any searches they may be working on, or have worked on in the recent past. Gather information and ask for feedback on your own resume. This is a time for you to get expert input and perfect your personal presentation. Have your well proof read resume at the ready and be alert for job postings and job leads in your network.

3. Don’t rely on just one or two sources of job leads. The Newspapers still do have some ads….respond to those, as well as Monster, Craig’s List, and other job services like the networks on Facebook, Linked in and name the ten other social networks that sprang up in the past year. Don’t discount temp services….my firm placed over a quarter of a million people from file clerks to nuclear biologists. We interviewed former elected officials and re entry housewives……. The advice I am giving you is culled from the most successful job applicants.
4. Align and Alert your References. Let your references know that they may get calls so that they don't get taken by surprise. Line up plenty of other professional references to assist with background checks in case your employer is no longer around.

My tips might seem like common sense, but believe me that common sense is NOT COMMON Practice.

5. Optimism and great attitude are ASSETS that not all job seekers spend time perfecting. Perfect yours!

If you keep at it, if you benefit from input and perfect yourself and if you listen to that feedback you get from employers you will be able to adjust your pitch the next time.

6. Keep reading…for inspiration.
Right now I recommend M. Gladwell’s new book Outliers is full of insightful info. He’s also the author of the Tipping Point and Blink. One of the best books I ever read, when I needed inspiration was Schuler’s Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do.

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