Sunday, March 22, 2009

Retain Your Enthusiasm.........

We are fortunate to have a number of expert
contributors to this space from around the
world. They come from business, human resources
and finance from almost every continent on the
planet. They are different individuals, have
had unique career paths and education from top
universities, real life success stories and have
earned their stripes from the street.

My sources, advisers and colleagues bring
a collective thousand years combined!

But have no fear, this is not outdated tidbits
you get in The NEW New World of Work by Patty DeDominic. This is a delivery device of timely, ageless wisdom with enduring principles for your career and job hunting success.

Al Walsh, pictured here is one of the distinguished group of generous experts who shares his thoughts regularly for the benefit of not only those seeking work, but who also advises senior managers and from time to time he coaches me to!

Always with humor and tact, Al offers gentle reminders of the practical aspects of our own responsibilities in making our career and our businesses stronger. Today's thought by Al is a good reminder that we need to muster up all the enthusiasm we can. I always thought that people had a decision to make and it seems that this economically challenging time reinforces that thought: You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Even if you feel you aren't doing anything to harm your business/work situation, I feel IF you aren't enthusiastically working toward making it better you could be part of the problem. This seems to apply to almost any situation...working in teams, helping a family thrive or even in a work study group. You have an opportunity to keep the momentum going and to add value to that group experience. The collective energy of enthusiastic contributors multiplies faster than anyone could grow on their own.

Today Al is reminding us via once of his great quotes to always be part of the solution! I wanted to take this short article today to say a special Thank You to Al....and to others who have contributed and who refer clients to DeDominic & Associates. Thank YOU!

Patty DeDominic

Now for one of Al's thoughts for March 2009:

Here's an impeccable quote, from an impeccable source, that's almost an article in and of itself.

Everyone who's worried about losing their job in this recession/depression should tape this on their wall at work:

"If you aren't fired with enthusiasm,
you will be fired with enthusiasm" - Vince Lombardi


Walsh Enterprises, Business Advisors
Huntington Beach, Ca
Al Walsh, Owner/Founder

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