Sunday, March 22, 2009

Learning from High Achievers

I coach high achievers........ and help them soar. It's a great opportunity for me to have such a
window on the worlds of so many awesome, interesting, energetic, growing and striving professionals. Doing this work grows me too. It's amazing how that works and how the mentor-mentee relationships have evolved over the past decades. It is no longer top down
"telling" I am usually learning as much from the people I coach as they are getting value from me. Todays Coaching and Mentoring is much more symbiotic than yesterday and thats truly a grand thing!

I love my professional coaching practice. it gives me exposure to so many brilliant and
succesful people. Some are at the top of their game. Others are at a momentary low point
and just need some support to move through their choppy waters.

No matter where one is in their growth cycle, we can all use a team of personal advisors
to get us going when we might prefer to sleep in! We also need our support team (friends,
mentors and consultants, employees, bosses and family) when we are on top. Not fun to do this all alone, nothing like the let down of winning a blue ribbon without anyone to share it with.

No doubt these are challenging economic times. People's faith and confidence is tested and undermined regularly. Some previously and always successful people have experience complete financial meltdowns....other have lost their jobs or are hanging on to their current status of underemployment. Big changes for all of us and a real humbling of America. Some say it is overdue.... I say it is just a new time... and a reconciliation and an opportunity for us all to write on a clean, new slate.

Let’s help everyone overcome this scary time by taking some pages from the play books of high achievers.

· High Achievers focus on the Possible…….
Not necessarily what is most likely to happen,
but on THAT which THEY MOST WANT to happen.
Like a football player focused on the goal line……. They look for the openings and opportunities for the Goal. Then they Go for it!

· High Achievers surround themselves with strong mentors and other winners. Even Tiger Woods and Michael Phelps – agreeably some of the
Top athletic performers have coaches, as do top singers and ceo’s……. all have others who help them see success and give them feedback. Get a coach.... mentor others and get some new mentors for yourself this month!

· High Achievers Bounce back…… Remember, it’s not “if you trip” or “ If you have a setback” it’s WHEN setbacks occur!
Winners usually have a backup plan and get back up.

Resiliency and tenacity are key skills to use in overcoming any obstacles.

· High Achievers also play hard and do take breaks. Overcoming any kind of adversity requires that you make time for rest and relaxation. Spend some time doing other physical activities that give your mind and body another view of life. This time will pay exponential dividends while you are employing the three points above.

This comes from Patty DeDominic,
The Los Angeles Business journal named her CEO of the Year in 2006
She is past president of the National Association of Women Business Owners.

DeDominic has two books coming out this year, JOBS2.0, The NEW New World of Work and

Life Moments for Women, inspirational stories of 100 women in business. Profits of this latter book, conceived and written with Maureen Ford, will be donated to Women For Women International and Vital Voices, international not for profit organizations providing needed resources and connections.

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