Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mark Witzling - Responds to My Request for Advice On Working Small Businesses

Mark Witzling wrote:--------------------I strongly recommend the Reinventing Your Career topic area of It's at

Lots of information for those considering small business as a career alternative.
With so many people now in career transition, more new businesses will be started
this year than ever before.

I would start there - looking at the Reinventing Your Career area of

Here are a few additional thoughts that might be of help.

Making the move to a small business is a cultural transition for most experienced corporate employees. Traditional management hierarchies don't exist, there is typically no middle management layer, and no safety net for decision-making.

That means that your decisions have real impact on the business and those decisions carry greater risk. Also, keep in mind that traditional corporate support systems may not be in place - you'll be booking your own travel, sending your own Faxes and calling FedEx yourself.

Yet, with those changes you will also gain the exhilaration of having direct impact and directly creating solutions for customers.

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