Thursday, March 26, 2009

Questions from a NEW MBA, Opportunities for Women?

Q: Co-Ed, MBA From NYC writes:
What are the special opportunities for a new grad who is interested in using her Spanish and her business degree?

Congratulations on your beautiful education and on the initiative you show in writing to me! What a grand education you are getting all over the world!

Since you are an MBA I suspect you will be wanting the world of business.
Living in Spain for a while leads me to believe you are leaning towards International Business Opportunities.

What are some emerging industries that new graduates should focus on?

You could really do some soul searching…..and ask your HEART what is most appealing. Do you want to stay in banking or would you prefer to use some of your experience now to help some health related firm, or perhaps an NGO (non governmental Organization) which does work in Europe and the USA.

Financial services still is a strong bet, although in great turmoil, you might just be entering at the perfect age and time of transition. It is no longer just a man’s world….women, and all people of integrity are really needed. Bring your business skills and tenacity and you could make a contribution in insurance, finance or consumer services too.

Another favorite of mine is Health Care….which is undergoing a great transition in the USA too. There are many new proposals for universally available health care and new models for the insurance industries. It is making the news daily and is high on new President Obama’s agenda. This field has usually returned above average wages as has insurance and finance.

I love the advances in Science now. One of my fantasy careers would be to get involved with a company utilizing either Alternative energy sciences…for a greener planet or using nanotechnology for better health. Women are needed in business and research as well as policy making in these areas.

What industries are in particular need of strong women leaders?

Women have made significant advances in all sectors now. Even the military is boasting that women lead many sectors. You can pick and choose….if you follow your heart and back it up with your smart head and good contacts/network that you are building in Spain and at your University you will find that your sex will be an asset…as you have more choices than ever before. No one (no educated smart person that is) has the nerve to hold women back any longer.

What are some companies that may offer international experience and may require knowledge of a second or third language and other cultures?

Almost Any fortune 500 company fits this description… think about what city you might love to
Live in……. which corporations have headquarters or branch offices there? Also think about other Import/Export Companies. Many smaller companies have products to sell in Europe….or European companies still want to sell to the US and Canadian markets.

Best of Luck, and please do write back with progress updates!

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