Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sam Kass, Pondering Raising the Bar

Raise the Bar

I was researching information about how to improve relationships with people in society and by serendipity came across this by an unknown author.

*If you open it, close it
*If you turn it on, turn it off
*If you unlock it, lock it up
*If you break it, admit you broke it
*If you cannot fix it, call in the person who can
*If you borrow it, return it
*If you value it, take care of it
*If you make a mess, clean it up
*If you move it, put it back
*If it belongs to someone else, get permission to use it
*If you do not know how to operate it, leave it alone
*If its none of your business, don’t ask question’s.

This unknown author was pragmatic and had a positive spin on living life well.

Think About it.

Sam Kass
Human Resources Executive and Consultant
Life and Career Counselor,

With a passion to help people realize their dreams Mr. Kass utilizes his role as an executive recruiter to make a difference.

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