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Carlos Gil, "Saving America One Job at a Time", a man takes the bull by the horns.

Carlos Gil

Once laid off by AIG, now devoted to “Saving America One Job at a Time”

How a 25-year old CEO plans to become a “voice of reason” for those laid-off and provide a resource to millions of unemployed Americans through his website

By: Carlos Gil, Founder of

Eight years ago I was a high school dropout, with a GED, working part-time as a shoe salesman with limited career options and a ton of initiative. Since then I have gone on to work for Fortune 500 corporations such as Citigroup, Regions Financial and AIG where I have succeeded in various Branch and Client Management roles. In fact at my last employer, AIG, I was a Regional Sales Manager covering a three state territory, over 50 offices, and even had a company vehicle. Through the fundamentals that I call “The 5 P’s of Success” (Persistence, Passion, Persuasion, Perseverance and Personality) I’ve been able to overcome many obstacles along the way to become a successful young executive and entrepreneur. Today I run my own corporation and I am proud to call myself a CEO, rather than unemployed.

On November 6th 2008, just 6 weeks after AIG was given $150 billion, in a “bailout” loan, by the government, my position at American General Finance was terminated. With an 8-month pregnant wife and a 2 year old son, I was now, like millions of other Americans, out of a job and unemployed. However, on November 6th as one door closed in my career another quickly opened as I was now determined to jump into a role for which I had dreamed of over the last eight years, to become a CEO of my own company. For those who know me or even speak to me for 5 minutes, you will know that I am one of the most determined and driven individuals whom you will ever meet. In this case, I was not going to let AIG, the economy, or recession ruin my aspirations for my career and my family’s future including financial well being.

For me, becoming 1 of millions of Americans to be laid off last year was only the beginning of my quest to help our country, economy and every single American nationwide. As a result I created to serve as a resource, not just for unemployed Americans, but to every American citizen and corporation nationwide. Today as an entrepreneur ,and only three months since being laid off, I am proud and honored to be in a position where I have a resource that is bringing together companies, which having hiring needs, with Americans who have been affected by unemployment.
Together, with, I also created a slogan and initiative called “Saving America One Job at a Time”, it is my firm belief that the end-all to our economic meltdown in the United States begins and ends with employment. Every job that can be saved or created is a step forward towards the economic stability and improvement of our country. At the moment I am actively speaking out to major corporations to end mass layoffs and to find suitable alternatives that will avoid employment casualties. Through I don’t plan on only offering an employment recruitment resource but also a cost-efficient solution to employers that will provide immediate aide in reducing costly expenses associated with employment recruiting. By employers registering and effectively utilizing they will not only be reducing expenses but will be giving back to America by featuring valuable job opportunities and joining me in “Saving America One Job at a Time”.
Although recent years have proven to be challenging for most Americans, I am confident and enthusiastic, that through collaboration and support from major corporations, the media and our political administration that will become a revolutionary and useful employment resource for every single American in generations to follow. I am also proud to promote to the growing body of unemployed Americans that there is life after a layoff, simply focus on what you can control now which is the present and the future, not the past. For myself, I’ve engaged in social, yet professional, networking resources such as LinkedIn. I encourage anyone and everyone to connect with me through LinkedIn ( and join my exclusive network of business professionals. I am only one person however I am someone who is here to help, I welcome anyone who has been displaced in their careers to reach out and contact me for support at, in addition please register at today.
Together, we can and will save America…one job at a time.

Executive Summary: , est. 2008, is an emerging employment classified ad job board which strives to provide a useful resource to every American nationwide. Our goal is to help millions of unemployed Americans return to the workforce while also redefining the entire employment recruiting industry. Through innovative technology, currently in development, our business model consists of providing the most cost efficient recruiting solution in the country and employ a sales force which will create 100+ new jobs within the next 12 months. We are confident and enthusiastic that , as a platform to future sites, will revolutionize the market and create an opportunity to provide employment worldwide for generations to follow. Our mission is as follows, “Saving America One Job at a Time”. Our goal, above all, is help distressed Americans and offer a cost-effective product which caters to every company and American nationwide. Through there is no risk, only reward.

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