Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sam Kass On Powerful Tools for Your Job Search

Beat the Job Boards!

We’re in challenging times - many say we’re in a crisis. Layoffs occur and employment opportunities shrink daily. The times require proactive, persistent, resourceful thought & action.

You must set yourself apart by using job-search techniques that others don’t.

The majority of job-seekers only use popular job boards such as Monster, Career Builder, and The Ladders. Competition is intense; dramatically reducing your chance of securing interviews.

Your resume only receives about 15 seconds of attention. It might not have sufficient keywords for employers who use software to identify candidates. It may not demonstrate skills & achievements to best-effect. You need to beef-up and focus your resume, but…

The most effective technique for secure interviews and getting a job is:

Career-networking is an essential daily activity. Your network should include ANYONE who might assist you with introductions to decision-makers. It can include past & present co-workers, bosses, friends, relatives, fellow school alumni, association members, or even strangers. I know a person who struck up a conversation with a stranger on the elevator after an interview. It turned out that he was a Managing Director. Two hours later a job offer was extended.

Get the picture??

Another powerful & effective career-networking technique involves using sites, such as Linkedin, Ning, Plaxo, Twitter, etc. Online career-networking has become increasingly popular; and most importantly, can produce results.

Look for profiles of individuals in your industry who have similar roles. These individuals might know a person or firm that’s hiring. Be brief, be specific, and use professional etiquette when contacting the target-individual. After connecting, send a thank you note. Remember, too, that networking is a two-way street; so reciprocate with others.
Networking contacts can and do provide both referrals and job-leads. Often these contacts know & provide inside info that’s not public; putting you first in line.

“You Must Circulate to Percolate”
Be Positive & Enthusiastic
Be Creative
Make it Fun!!


Cheers! Sam Kass
Human Resources Executive and Consultant
Life and Career Counselor
With a passion to help people realize their dreams Mr. Kass utilizes his role as an executive recruiter to make a difference.

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Steven D. Davies said...

Good tips. One thing that helps me in networking is a rule of three: In my first contact, I focus on the other person -- to see what I can do for them. In my second contact I try to confirm that the chemistry is good. It's in the third contact that I start to talk about what I want.

Of course if asked, I'm ready with concrete suggestions how they can help. But I try not to focus on it at first.

We have free software, PerfectJob to help people job hunt and network more effectively.