Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Derek Cheshire on Creativity

Creativity is a Top Skill
for the NEW New World of Work.

The Old ways just won't work the same!
Gather some aids to give yourself
more personal productivity in the
Creativity Department.

Have you ever wondered where you can get a simple starter guide to using Creativity without all the confusing terminology?

Look no further.

Derek Cheshire of Creative Business Solutions has written a four part eBook series that sets the scene and introduces some basic concepts and creative techniques before going on to fill your Creative Toolbox. These are useful whether working on your own or in a group.

The first volume ‘YES you can’ provides some rules, 12 useful techniques and a guide to getting started in the workplace. ‘Top up your toolbox’ provides another 12 techniques with a step by step guide and ‘Leave no stone unturned’ will take your total to 36.

The final part of the series ‘Creative Fireworks’ completes your toolbox, covering topics such as using imagery and dream analysis.

Whether you wish to refresh your memory or learn about ‘Working With Aliens’, ‘Walking With Moccasins’ or ‘Storytelling’ then these eBooks are for you. They can be purchase separately or as a bundle from along with other creative workshop resources.

Here are some tidbits from

Some people spend a lifetime gathering techniques or just stick to the ones that they know best. The alternative is to find someone who has compiled a collection of some of the best, tried and tested material. Reading ebooks is a good way of cutting out the legwork and getting straight to the valuable material.

Exploring And Defining - Techniques that help you explore or reframe your initial problem so that you can view it in a new way.

Idea Generation - The most widely known (and fun) part of creative problem solving. Be able to create original and fresh ideas that will help you get noticed and stay ahead of the game.

Screening - Sometimes we have to control ourselves. To be useful we have to focus on one particular course of action or else we would go around in circles.

Prioritising And Planning - Once you have had all the fun you need to create a plan of sorts. We have tried to make that fun too!

New Techniques - Working With Aliens, Time Traveler and Bunch Of Bananas may not be familiar to you, but you will soon see how valuable they can be.
Adds To Your Toolbox - All of the tools complement those you have already discovered in Volumes 1 and 2. You will now have thirty six valuable techniques in your repertoire.

Derek Cheshire is an accomplished speaker and has compiled a long list of blog articles including Innovation – How long is a piece of string?, Taking the In out of Innovation and How To Generate 20 New Business Ideas Over Coffee. He has had articles and papers published by such diverse organisations as the ICFAI University Press in India, the Change This organization, the Asia Pacific Tech Monitor (a United Nations online journal) and the Hindustan Times. He is a member of the mastermind group for the Design Interaction course at the Royal College of Art and Design in The Hague, and recently took part in the CNBC programme The Business of Innovation.

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