Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Michael McGrath on the Butterfly Effect

Have you ever heard of “the butterfly effect”?
It states that if a butterfly flaps its wings in New York it could cause a hurricane in Tokyo.

The butterfly effect is a law of causality and chaos.

It basically means that one small change in one place can have a dramatic effect somewhere else at a later time. This is a law that you can put to good use in your life and when applied to your own personal development can help you reach all your desires!

If you have ever watched the film “A Wonderful Life”, with Jimmy Stewart, you will see how the butterfly effect works. The film by the same name, “The Butterfly Effect”, is also a great example of this powerful law.

In the first film a man is down on his luck and tries to commit suicide. When an angel appears and rescues him, the man makes a wish that he had never been born or existed. The angel grants him his wish. The man then views and interacts with the world as though he had never been born and sees how people, places, events and outcomes have changed because he was not there to change them through his interaction with them. Even small things he had done made big changes because in this reality he had not done them!

The second film shows how one man can time travel to his own past. Merely by looking at a picture from his past he can enter that time and the body of his former self while retaining all his knowledge about the present. He then uses this ability to make small changes that have a dramatic effect on his world when he returns to his own time.

Both these films show how small events can dramatically change future events.

Using the same principle you can make small, minor and almost insignificant changes in your life now that will have a dramatic effect on your future through the butterfly effect. A stone thrown into a pond will create small ripples that travel far!

How many times have we heard of a person who buys a lottery ticket on a whim and wins a fortune? This small act had a dramatic and huge impact on all areas of their life! Although this may be an extreme example, that is not common, ordinary small changes can have just as much of an impact over time.

Paul Burrell, butler to the Queen and princess Diana, had the chance to join a cruise ship or Buckingham Palace. His mother hid the cruise acceptance letter and gave him the acceptance letter from Buckingham Palace. This one small event changed a man’s life forever!

Paul Burrell went from an almost enviable life of eventually working down the mines in his home town, with poverty and hardship all around him, to working directly for the Queen, then Prince Charles, then Princess Diana. Now he is a multi-millionaire television celebrity!

From little acorns grow mighty oaks!
Likewise, how many small events, decisions
and actions that you have taken have shaped the life you are currently living?

Make your mind up now to set small personal development goals and take action.

The small actions you take now will have huge impact on your future.
Imagine what huge actions could do for your personal development and your future life?

Thank you....this was reprinted from Tickled for Life.

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