Friday, February 13, 2009

Dianne Gubin...on When to Leave

Should You Stay? Or Should You Go?

Internal changes…. Should you stay or should you go? When is the right time to leave a job?

When you’re settled in a job, there’s a familiarity with the commute, the team, the projects and the overall environment. You may very much enjoy the work that you’re doing and see the potential of long-term growth.

What happens when there is a new management team? With shifts in the economy, we see key players downsized and new players are brought into the firm. What does this mean to you personally?

Research by the Washington, DC-based Employee Benefit Research Institute found that the average length of time for workers 25 and older to stay in one job is about 5 years.

With new management come new opportunities. Take the initiative to get to know the new players with an attitude that you are there to help make them successful.

You know it’s the right time to leave the job when you feel that attitudes are changing. Your body will often tell you before you mentally acknowledge that you need a shift. Headaches, a burning stomach, or other health-related issues tell you when it’s time to go.

Be proactive. When it’s time to leave, take the necessary steps to leave on good terms and find a new situation.

With the current economy, if you can stay where you are as long as possible, this is the time to hold tight.

There are people who thrive in both the best and worst of times. Attitude is everything. Although your world may be in transition, focus on the positive aspects of the change and trust that you will be fine.

Dianne Gubin is the face of all workplace and employment concerns. She speaks for job seekers, employers, entrepreneurs and stay-at-home moms. She talks about where the jobs are, where they are not, and how to transition and find a new path with the best training and education available. Whether communicating on TV, radio, the internet, at national job fairs, or to recent college graduates, Dianne Gubin shines a light on how we are working, why we are not, and the road we need to take together to keep America Working!

Dianne Gubin Talks Business, an Internet radio show, engages industry leaders on hot-button business issues and offers expert insight into what matters most in careers and professional development. She also hosts a series of video blogs discussing hiring and the job hunting process.

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