Friday, November 9, 2012

Mary Elizabeth Bradford, a wonderful career resource.

Dear Patty,
Often I hear, “I am not an executive - so tapping into the hidden job market won’t work for me... right?”
Fortunately that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Read Case Study #2 below to see how the hidden job market can be used to turn a dream into reality. Enjoy!
Case Study #2: Moved to the State She Wanted To Live In, Changed Industries & Secured a $7,000 Raise
Jackie lived in Michigan and had begun her career as an account executive, but she quickly realized she didn’t like it—although she DID enjoy the industry she was in, which was advertising. She didn’t have her resume professionally designed because she simply could not afford it, but she did learn how to write a short, effective value proposition letter that sold her skills in her desired position (which was to move into an executive assistant role).
She targeted several companies in the area where she wished to relocate (Dallas, Texas). Within two months, she had several interviews and one offer which was $14K more than she made previously - but she turned it down because the company was most interested in hiring her to stay in her previous role that she did not like: account management. She held out for, and received, a second offer in her position and industry of choice from a firm in Dallas, and negotiated $7K more than her previous position.
Jackie never answered a job on job boards, she targeted small and mid-size companies, connected directly with top management in each company, and conducted a personalized direct mail campaign to get exactly what she wanted. When she first emailed me this story she confessed there were times during the process that she felt unsure of herself, and admitted being nervous about connecting directly with decision makers instead of HR. However, she never let her doubts and fears stop her from completing the tasks she had committed to in order to reach her goal. In the end, she said that overall it was much easier than she ever would have imagined!
If you would like access to the tools, letter templates, phone scripts and free research resources Jackie used to make her career goals a reality, I invite you to check out my Secrets of The Hidden Job Market, Revealed online home study audio course and 79-page guidebook.
And until Nov. 15th, I am offering you a whopping 40% off of the entire course! Just use coupon code: betterjob. You can check it out here.
Inspiring your success,
Mary Elizabeth
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